How To Promote MaxBounty Incentive Offers (CPA Marketing)


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How To Promote MaxBounty Incentive Offers (CPA Marketing)

by James Hustle

Today, we are talking about promoting incentive offers. OK, and so here I am in my maxbounty screen and we have a traffic type so we have email, contextual, display, search incentive, social media, native mobile and brand building. So all of these are very very similar except incentive. A lot of offers do not allow you to do incentives. So what exactly is incentive? So if you open one of the offers that I have on the list, you're going to see that this particular offer allows incentive. So if we open it up. You're gonna see so far hover over easy points, etc. And really, what incentive is basically a bribe. You're basically telling somebody hey fill this out and you're going to get something back. Maybe it's going to be a cash prize. Maybe it's going to be points. Maybe it's going to be a piece of content, like an ebook or something else, or you know it's going to be something you're giving them something in return, and that is why, with a lot of these offers, when incentive is not allowed, Maxbounty tells you very specifically that. You are forbidden to offer any kind of prize a bribe or a gift or anything like that when they fill out an offer. Now, why is that? Why is maxbounty very adamant about you not promising them a gift? The reason is because if you promise them a gift, then basically when they fill out the offer, they're doing it to get the gift. They're not doing it because they are interested in this specific product or service or whatever. The offer is promising them, but with the offers that allow incentive, we are free to offer any kind of incentive that we want. OK, and this is very similar to networks like CPA grip which specialize in content locking, URL and download lockers, video lockers, things like that Max bound. It does not do content login, but content logging is a form of incentive, right? Because we're basically telling them, hey, you want this piece of content? Great, you're going to get it, but we need you to fill out the specific offer, do a little bit of work, help us out and we're going to help you help you out, right? That is kind of how it works and so Max bonding has a lot of incentive. Kind of offers and the way you want to do it is you want to select this and deselect everything else because this functions as kind of an or or feature. It's not an Ant feature. So if I select email and incentive it's going to show me offers that allow email or incentive. OK, so you want to select incentive and you want to approve to run. I also selected United States. I also selected service because there are some of the easiest and kind of my favorite offers to get started right? So if I select incentive here. I select United States I do service and I clicked on approved to run. I basically have a lot of offers. Now you know this is this is pretty pretty good amount of office. This is only for service. I have an entire page of offers and I can we can really work with these offers and so how does this work? How are you able to do this correctly? OK and so the method we're going to be doing this is we're going to be giving people a free gift. OK, we're going to be giving them a free gift free gift. You know this could be an ebook. This could be a video content. This could be a course you can give out this. Content in, you know a number of ways. OK, it's it's really up to your imagination. If you have a blog you can do that on your blog. If you have, you know some kind of a site YouTube channel. It doesn't really matter how you're going to do it. And in this video I want to talk about the simplest method. OK, so you don't need a website. You don't need a landing page, you don't need anything for this specific method, and so you can adapt this method and get it to work with any kind of situation specific to you. I know a lot of you have blogs, have sized things like that, and this is like a common denominator. This method is going to be useful regardless whether you have a site or landing page or anything like this, and so the first thing that we want is obviously we want to pick a niche. OK, we always want to be thinking in terms of niches. If you're new to CPA marketing affiliate marketing always remember this. It's always in terms of niches and that is why I basically picked surveys because surveys are kind of these make survey. Mine is then services kind of this quintessential make money online. Kind of niche. This is a nice that you can promote in a lot of places but this is not the only niche. There's a lot of other niches, right? All you have to do is you can pick sweepstakes and click apply search options and you're going to see incentive offers. There you can pick another category that you want, but you know which I'm just going to go with surveys and I'm going to show you kind of the flow. How to do it correctly. Alright, so once you settled on the nice you wanna promote service for me is kind of make money online. The next thing you want to do is you want to find the gift right? You're going to be giving out the gift. People are going to be contacting you and kind of they're going to be basically getting in touch with you because they want the gift, not because they want to complete an offer, but before they can get the gift. They need to complete the offer and so the next thing you want to do is you want to go to a place you want to basically Google for something called PLR sites. OK, PLR is basically a synonym for getting content that you can resell. You can give away and you know this content. You can purchase it, you can get it for free most of the time you have to purchase. It's like $5 but with many of these sites. If you register they're going to give you a couple of gifts. In fact I registered for this one by it's by quality PL And basically when I registered they gave me like 2 free E books, right? And they were pretty decent iBooks. OK, they were pretty decent. One was about building an email list and that was actually blown away. Content was really good and the second ebook I don't really remember the second book but I got like 2 gifts and I'm not affiliated with any of these sites. I don't know the people that are behind these sites so I'm not affiliated. I'm just sharing with you my own experience and so you can sign up for a site like this. You can sign up for another side and when you sign up sometimes they're going to give you a free gift. And if not, then they have free gifts, free products as part of kind of their products that are selling right? So if you sign up for a site like this, you're going to have freak Pilar category and you can get free PLRE books. And honestly this is kind of what I recommend. I recommend getting free content just to get started right because you want to save money when you are trying a new method later on. You know you can buy the pilar content that you want. You can scale it. Alright, so you're going to sign up with this. You're going to get the content. OK, you're going to get the content. And you're going to upload it. You can upload it to Dropbox, you can upload it to a place like Google Docs. You can upload it here and you can basically have a URL now so that you can click on share and you're going to have a URL that you can share with people. Now after that the next step you want to do is you want to create a document very similar to what I have here now. Basically created this document and it's free document. It's very very simple. I created using Google Docs and what I'm basically telling people is get a free make money in your underwear guide. For absolutely free, so I actually have free both times get a my get, make money in your underwear guide for absolutely free after completing the following offer and the other thing is that it's very important to kind of have this kind of little instructions here, right? The first part is that I'm basically telling people that this ebook is limited to the to the first 50 applicants. The second part is that I'm providing urgency, right? Is that this special offer lasts until September 10th, 2020? Right? So I'm basically made it 5 days in advance. You can make it 2 days in advance. You can make it 1 day in advance and the reason that I feel this is important is that you know whether it's the first 50 or 100. You know this software can go away at anytime right? This, you know it's not. This is not a permanent offer, so it could be 50. Could be 60, could be 40, but you want to let them know is that you know this software will stop running. Maybe you're going to decide to stop running. Maybe Max bounty is going to remove the. The offers to fill out doesn't really matter, so it's always a good idea to do this, and this creates a sense of urgency, right? People are going to go out. They're going to realize, OK, you know, this software is not going to last forever. It may not even be available tomorrow, and so they're going to go out. They're going to. They're going to understand that they have to act now. They have to act very quickly. And so after that we have instructions. Feel free to complete any of the following offers to claim your free ebook. And after that I have basically a list of offers that they can basically complete OK and these are going to be all incentive offers. And so if we go back to maxbounty you going to service all of these offers in central out in central out in central out. All of these offers they allow incentive OK, and so you can use any of these offers. You have opinion in you have survey box. Obviously you want to use US. 'cause you know the traffic method that we're going to be using is going to be mostly US OK, and so you want to be using US. You have US, Canada, UK, Australia, USUK, all of these are fine. I actually picked United States so the offers that you are seeing are going to be mostly from there. Going to be allowing US traffic, which is kind of important because US traffic is kind of traffic method. We're going to be using US. Traffic is going to be very prevalent there. OK, so this is very important. So once you have a document like this, this is the document that you're going to be giving people OK after they complete the offer, what we're telling them is that after completing the software, send us a screenshot to with a screenshot of the completed form, right? Send us an email. Actually send us an email to with a screenshot of the completed form, will verify that everything is OK and send your gift and after that we'll send you a gift. Best of Luck in your make money online journeys. Journey see you soon, OK. And so the next step of that is you want to go into Gmail and create another account. OK, and this special account is going to work as a order responder. So when they send you an email with that screenshot, we're going to respond them with the gift. OK. And so the way you want to do it is I know most of you have Gmail accounts, if not all of you who are watching this, you want to create a brand new Gmail account. You do not want to use your existing Gmail account, and I basically went ahead and I created a brand new Gmail account. After you do that. You want to go into settings here and then what you want to do is you want to click on C all settings and following that you want to scroll all the way down and you're going to see a part here that says or a vacation auto responder OK. And So what you want to do is you're going to click on vacation responder on subject. Could be like your free claim. Your free gift. Your free gift and here you are going to have something like hey there, here's your free thanks for thanks for completing the offer. Here is your free gift. Here is your free gift and after that is going to be a URL to Google Docs. Remember, we basically took this pillar content. We upload it to Google Docs. Let's say the free gift that you're basically giving away is an ebook. And when you download this free gift, you're going to be giving a doc file and you can basically upload that to Google Docs. Click this share button here and then when you share it, anybody can download. Anybody can view it if they have the link. And this is the link that you're going to be basically sharing providing to them here in your settings. This link. This URL after you click on share and then you have your URL here and then you say thanks again. OK, that's it. And then you save changes and that's it. Now everybody who sends to that email. Everybody who reads this document here. This is going to be your new Gmail account that you're going to create with the order responder. So every time they basically send an email with the screenshot, we're going to be replying to them with. The document is going to be automatic. Now here's the thing, right? This process is automatic. I know we're basically saying something like, you know, send us will verify that we're not going to be verifying them. Big 'cause it's going to take time. You can verify you have that option so you do not need to do order responder. You can do it manually. I like to automate things. I like to basically have computers do the work for me and so I'm basically telling them, You know, send us a screenshot were going to reply. You know there is going to be maybe a couple of people that are not going to do with. They may have a question or something like that. We're still going to send them to give. This is going to be an automatic on the thing and that is kind of the thing right? That is kind of the flow. The way it works and so. You can do it manually if you want, but in my opinion I think maybe like 10 to 15% of the people are going to have a question. The rest of the people they're going to go out there going to complete the software, and they're going to do a screenshot, right? Because these offers. These are surveys, right? It's not very complicated to actually sign up, and you know, send a screenshot, right? It's not very complicated. I think the majority of the people are going to sign up and basically do a screen share, right? Because they don't need to pay anything to kind of complete these offers, right? So I'm comfortable with this method like I said. If you're not, you can use a manual method and so all you have to do is basically turn off. Basically click here, save your changes and you're going to get basically emails here and you can reply to the manually OK. Another benefit of this is that we're basically collecting email, so later on you can basically send them another list to more offers and say Hey complete these offers and you get it. You're going to get another gift, right? These could be incentive offers. Another way you can do it is once you have all the emails, you can send them regular maxbounty offers. And basically do not offer any incentive right? So you can basically go back to Maxbounty. And remove this incentive, or basically choose everything, including incentive if you want. And then you're going to see a lot more offers. A lot of them are not going to be incentive based, but that is the conditions we have now with the next kind of campaign you're going to have, you were going to have your emails. You can basically send them an email and say, hey here is a bunch of offers to make money online, right? And these are going to be surveys and there's not going to be any gift. There's not going to be any incentive to complete, and that's absolutely fine. It's just for this method. We are using incentive. We're replying with incentive offers. We're giving them a gift. After they complete after they email us, but later on we can basically say hey do you want to make money online? You know we're not going to mention any gifts or anything like that. We're just going to tell him, hey, we have these new offers that you can make you know $5 just for joining right? Because a lot of these offers converts when the user signs earns $9 total and $5 is automatically rewarded upon upon signup. Users only need to earn an additional $4 to lead the file, right? So there's a lot of interesting things were getting 950 per lead. With this incentive offer, right? So there's a couple of angles here, right? I hope I was very, very clear and how you want to promote it where there's a lot of ways of promoting this method, right? What I recommend is basically going on Facebook. You can basically go on. You're going to have this search box in your top left corner, and you can basically type make money from home, and you're going to have a lot of these groups and only have to do is like, hey, do you want a free gift? Remember, with incentive you are going to be advertising the gift. You're not going to be talking about the offers, right? A lot of people get confused or like sugar. Sugar advertised offers no with incentive. It's all about the free gift if they want the free gift, you're basically going to give him this document. Remember, you can share this document and then when you know this document is going to have all the instructions right, feel free to complete any of the offers at a much better way would be saying something like. Feel free to complete at least at least one of the following offers to claim your free gift. I really like the wording better.

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