Clickbank Bing Ads Case Study (2020)

Clickbank Bing Ads Case Study (2020)

Today, we're going to be promoting MaxBounty or Clickbank offers with Bing Ads in 2020 and now this is going to be a very comprehensive video because we're going to do pretty much everything from beginning to end. We are going to show you how to promote a MaxBounty or ClickBank over. This is going to be a ClickBank offer with Bing Ads but it applies the same to MaxBounty we're going to do a complete Bing Ads campaign set up. We're going to create the proper landing page. We're going to do the entire tracking with beam up, and we're going to build the marketing funnel, even collect email addresses, and there's going to be a bunch of other things that we're going to cover. 

So why Bing Ads? Bing is very, very underrated. Generally cheaper than Google ads. They're not as strict as Facebook or Google, as when it comes to approving your ads and they don't really ban accounts. And they are very easy to get started. 

So let's begin. So I was browsing the other day ClickBank offers and I stumbled upon this Text Chemistry: use text to make men love you. By Amy North. I've seen that offer somewhere else before and I thought, hey, I want to try to promote it before because I had some experience in the relationship. Kind of self improvement in nature before I know. These offers convert very well when you know how to target the right audience. And so I started looking into the software and the. Average percent sale is 75%. Basically you get 75% of the sale. I believe the sellers around it's $47 for one product. There is also an upsell and so the average dollar per sale that affiliates get is around $46 which is a pretty decent amount. There is also a recurring kind of building if the person chooses to opt into that after buying the product, so there's a lot of opportunities for making money with this product. Also gravity is 95. Which means about 95 affiliates have been selling that product and have successfully sold that product in the last 8 to 12 weeks. So that is a very good indicator. And so I went ahead. I click this promote link. I imported my account nickname, Uh, and basically generated the tracking ID and so the other thing I looked into is before actually doing that is I wanted to the affiliate page and I'm in the affiliate page and the reason I like to go into this affiliate resources is I want to see how much resources and how much you know how much help does the publisher actually give to affiliates because the more they provide, the higher the chance of this product is actually selling very very well. And this is an excellent kind of affiliate resource here, because look, they give you product details you can generate hop links, emails wise product images and banners, payout and final details and so they even tell you why you should promote it. They have a different domain product order, bump, back and Upsells. All of these things and you can earn up to $117.00 in Commission for sale plus 50% of all monthly recurring rebuilds. So they show you like the whole funnel, the front end fund of the back end finals. How much you can earn and all that. So it's really, you know, it's really kind of detailed. You know diagrams and everything like that. Uh, some people are worth claiming $1.40 EPC, which is earnings per click, which is pretty decent. Actually it's a very. It's a relatively above average. It's a relatively large amount, so you know that's true. That's pretty good. Funnel includes an order bomb take rate of 40% and a 3T wraps up so slow, so it's a lot of interesting things you can even have some email swipes that if you have an email list in this kind of relationship niche, you could send it. You could send them an email using these wives. They have product images, video thumbnails, so this is a really, really great offer because they are giving you a lot of information and they are even telling you you know who the target audience is right there even telling you the target audience for each email swipe right. Suitable for all female audiences regardless of relationship status etc. So this is a product you can promote on Facebook. Ah, you can promote it, uh, using blogs. If you have a blog in a relationship that you could use email marketing, you can use, you know, all kinds of methods and in this particular case study, we're going to be using Bing Ads to promote assault. The first course of action is, well, there's a lot of things that you can do. I went ahead and just to save time I already created a landing page on one of my sites to basically promote so I have a pre Lander. Now of course I could send them directly to the landing page. Uh, you know the one they have built in already, but I decided I'm going to create my own landing page and the reason for that is there's a couple of reasons for that. Number one is I wanted to basically capture email, so when you create a click on add to card, I want to capture their emails and then redirect them to the ClickBank page. So I want to really capture their emails right? So I have several add to cart buttons. I think I have three, and if you click on this one they will basically have a pop up where you need to enter your name and email and then you are directed to their offer so you know they're thinking like this is not a car and this is kind of like an add to cart, right? If they decide to buy it all you know there's an intermediate step where they need to basically enter their name and an email address. OK, now before we actually go into the Bing ads campaign. We need to actually configure our tracker so I So what we're going to do is the first couple of things we need to do is. I'm using a beam up tracker and the first thing you need to do is to add a traffic source now already added the traffic source for Bing right? And this is going to be used for any kind of campaigns. I already have a traffic source, it's very simple. All you have to do is create a new traffic source. All you need to do is click the new from template here and you choose Bing. You go to Bing. And then you basically type a name, uh, we don't have a postback URL in this case, and you don't really need to change anything here, that's it. So I already created this. The next thing we want to add is the affiliate network. Now I already have ClickBank here and to do that you just click on the new template you click, click bank. You go here and then that's it. You basically don't really need to change anything. You leave the name there and that's it. And now I'm not going to click save 'cause I already have that. Now we have a traffic source in the affiliate network. Next thing we want to do is we want to add a landing page. OK I already created a landing page and in fact I have several landing page right here and the one. The one of interest we have is this global TC landing page, right? These two TC landing pages actually have two landing pages. I have an email, often an no email often, so this particular landing page that we have. This is an email. Often this is the second variation of the landing page and I also have just a regular email regular landing page without an email often. So when they click on this button in their other landing page, they're not going to be presented with this. They're going to be re directed directly to the offer. And the reason I created 2 landing pages is. In order to test and see which landing pages convert which landing page converts the best. OK. So we got there. Bing Ads were configuring the campaigns and the tracker. We are going to be using the beam up tracker. We created the traffic source, the affiliate program, the landing pages and the offer. OK, so let's go and create finish our creation process so we have the landing pages right? I already created this lining pages just to save us sometime and all you gotta do is basically. Create go to new and it's very simple. You just create a name for that lining place so it could be something like email. Opt in TC for text chemistry TC email. Often you put the URL of the landing page that it needs to redirect to you put the country. Maybe this is for US traffic. I'm only targeting US traffic so we can put United States here and that's all you have to do now that lining page only has one offer. So you put this, you leave it as one here and that's all you have to do. So we did this twice. OK, now we have traffic sources, affiliate networks and landing page. The next thing we need to do is create an offer. Now the offer I already created. So basically I have two offers. So in this case I have two offers. One offer is the standard offer that redirects them to the landing page. OK. So basically when they click on this ad to card and they submit their email there re directed to basically this over page right here. I believe that over pages actually going to video here but. You know, I'm just looking at another offer page. I also have another offer. I also have another kind of offer, and it's for the same product, but in this case it's going to redirect them directly through the checkout. Now there's a way of actually getting your links directly to the checkout page because I already have the landing page so I don't know. Sometimes I don't really want to redirect them to another landing page. In this case it would be a good idea to just redirect them directly to the checkout and there are ways of doing that. And, uhm, you know I'm not going to go into greater detail of doing that. I might make another video of getting you know, deep linking directly into a add to cart kind of page checkout page. This is called deep linking an I may actually create another video. So just for the purpose of this tutorial is that I basically created two offers for the same product and they basically have a different link. So we have basically one. That's directly to the kind of that over page that we created in ClickBank. And if you click on this you're going to see this kind of offer link here and then we have another page that Redirects and directly to. Basically it's a link on my site that redirects them to the shopping cart and click bank. So In other words you know since I already have a landing page. It might not make a lot of sense to redirect them to another landing page, since I created my own landing page, I thought it would be a good idea to redirect them to a checkout page. This is what I did, so I make sure to make 2 landing pages just in case an just to see which one converts better. So now that we have everything configured, all these five things are offers, landings, traffic sources and affiliate networks were not using flows. The flow is going to be a built-in flow. We're not creating a separate flow, actually four things. Offer landings, traffic sources, an affiliate networks. The next thing is to create the campaign. We're going to go to this campaign screen. Here, we're going to create a new campaign. And society created this campaign. All you need to do is basically create a name. We're going to call ATC campaign an maybe this is going to be we're going to create just one campaign and we're going to use a built in flow. And then this is where the power of these trackers comes in. And So what we want is we're going to create 2 landings here and distribute traffic 50% to one and then 50% of the second. So what we do is we add a landing page and I have a bunch of landing pages were going to create this. Email often and then no email often and we're going to do 50 percent 50% here. OK and then and then after they land on these landing pages, we want them redirected to the right, you know, destination your own. This is the offer and we also have two offers there to the same product. Same exact offer, but one is linked to the landing page and the other one is linked to the checkout page. So we have offered check out. And then offer home page OK. And they're also going to be 50 percent, 50%. So now we're kind of distributing traffic evenly right there? Going to no one may come here 50% and then one may come. You know, that person might go to the email app and then go to the, you know, the offer, check out directly the checkout page or they may come email often and then offer home page. So I'm not going to save this campaign. I already have that campaign. And the next thing what we're going to do is we're going to go to this campaign is Bing campaign. We're going to click on campaign links, and this is where we're going to have the URL that we need to give Bing so that it can redirect it properly and populate the actual different basically variables that we have, right? Cause when you're configuring campaigns in a tracker, you tell it the traffic source and the traffic source will come with various variables that exist. So with Facebook. If your traffic sources Facebook, it's going to have things like add, add, set name, add name, compact campaign name and then Facebook is going to populate those variables for you when the ad is shown an when it when it gets clicked. In this case were using Bing so we have things like bit side campaign ID at ID add Group ID. All these things you know query string right the query the actual search string that they search on Bing and the good thing about having a trackers that we can basically take this campaign URL. And then save it well, it's already saved. And then when we're creating campaigns and being, we're going to basically copy and paste it on the campaign level so that it's generated for every campaign. OK, so let's go back to the presentation. We have the Bing and now we're going to get into the Bing ads campaign structure. Since we already did everything in the tracker. So what we have is one campaign per product. We're only going to have one campaign now. You can actually have multiple campaigns. Be'cause campaign also varies by the optimization objective, so we're going to keep it simple. We're going to just create the traffic campaign. We're not going to optimize for any kind of clicks or links, or we're not going to optimize for any events. We're just going to have a simple traffic campaign, so we're going to have one campaign. That campaign is going to have one ad group. OK, because an ad group is basically a way to group similar similar ads and similar kind of keywords that are tide to a specific landing page. Since we only have one landing page. It doesn't really make sense to have multiple ad groups were going to have one ad group and then this ad group is going to have multiple ads. OK, and we're going to use a various keyboard modifyers anwer I really I'm a big fan of modified broad match and we're also going to use exact match as well. OK, and we're going to use several like extensions there called and these are basically extra things that you can put in the snippet on the search snippet. Want to add is display so there is a lot of extensions. We're going to use call out extensions to showcase showcase features of your product or service. OK, so let's go back into our Bing Ads and I'm going to show you my campaign structure. So on the left hand side I have my text scam campaign, right? So if I click on that I have the budget here. $20 a day. I have location United States and I have three ads directly here. OK, I have one ad group and three ads. OK, now if I click on this ad group. Uhm, I have to have at least one ad group, but typically add groups are away to group campaign keywords together. Basically to group ideas together and you typically want to have separate ad group for a different landing page. So if you know maybe your site sells mattresses or something like that and you might have, you know you might have an ad group that talks about a certain key words related to some kind of like. Softap that matches being solved, or some other kind of groups of keywords and you can have a separate landing page that talks about the benefits of the mattress being solved. Another ad group could be about the price point. Maybe it's a cheap, are relatively inexpensive measures and you can have an ad group that talks about the benefits of that. So you could have a separate landing page for the same product, but touting the different benefits. So in this case I'm going to keep it simple. I only have one landing page, well 2 landing pages, but. They're the same landing page is just the mechanics are different and so I have basically three ads. OK, I have three ads, basically an I'm basically saying text chemistry 4995 saying the price. I'm mentioning the price I'm mentioning bonuses up to 95% off. I have different variations, OK, and you know if I click on this ad I can look at some details I can. Basically I can edit it, I can copy it, I can create. Can you text? You knew you know, new stuff, I can make another variation and what I typically like to have is 3 ads per ad group and then maybe three ad groups for a campaign if I'm if I'm doing different different landing pages. If it's a more of a kind of a more complex product, this is a very simple product. In fact, the keyboards that I'm using are very, very simple, right? So this ad group has it doesn't even have that many keywords. Now I'm I add more keywords later on I probably will, but just for the. To keep it simple, I'm just going to show you some of the sample keywords that I'm using, so there's not a lot of keywords that you can use with this, right? what I have is text chemistry. This is called a modified broad search, and when you add a plus to it, that means that that word needs to appear. This 2 words need to appear and there could be other words there as well. It's just these two words need to appear and they need to be these two words that I want, so I have a broad match for text chemistry. I also have an exact match for text chemistry and what I like to do is I typically this is a structure I've been using. Now is, I have a broad modified broad match and then I have an exact match and the exact match gets a slightly higher bid than the modified broad match because modified broad match could be like a bunch of stuff that maybe I don't particularly need, but if somebody is searching for an exact match and the search volume is going to be lower than obviously then the the. Possibilities for this broad match. I am basically saying that I want I want to build a little bit higher than that and this is just, you know, some numbers. I came up with when I'm going to be running this campaign, I'm going to modify. I'm going to maybe bit higher bit lower, but right now I want to start small and then I have other things I have. Basically Amy North Chemistry. She's the person that supposed that wrote is this text. She's the person. Does the author of this product that their marketing and so I have an exact? Match type for me North Tex chemistry. Then I have um. I also have a broad match for text chemistry promo in case there there Googling for text chemistry promo text chemistry coupon. I have abroad managed aiming North text chemistry. This is a broad match as well. Then I have a bunch of exact matches. Text chemistry by me North. Exact match takes chemistry promo and text chemistry coupon. These are exact matches and as I mentioned before my exact matches. Are slightly higher than your then then these broad matches OK, I still have $0.85, but this should be. This should be. Basically it should be $0.95 because this is an exact match so I'm going to put it to 95. So as you can see this is kind of my campaign set up and this is. I'm basically doing a branded campaign. OK because I'm at basically bidding on branded terms. I'm not, so if you are let's say selling a mattress or like a microphone or in affiliate for that. Uh, you are gonna be typically bidding for mattress or microphone. You're not going to be bidding, or you might be bidding for the actual. The brand name, right? Maybe it's Bose headphones or something. You're going to be bidding for Bose headphones, but typically usually you're going to be bidding for something like best headphones in 2020 or something like that. In this case, I'm actually bidding for branded terms. OK, now I could be bidding for things like how to get a guy back or why doesn't this guy returned my messages on. There's all kinds of these terms and that could be a separate. Add group right, in this case a lot of these keywords that I'm bidding on there are closely related, and so in this case I am. I'm basically having one as broke. Now of course I could have another ad group like I mentioned, maybe you know, like women that are confused. Why doesn't the guy returned there text so I can go on Google tag, Google keyword planner or maybe like Google just search engine start typing these campaign element. So for instance in this case. I can go to Google and I could type something like text chemistry OK and see what says. So now there's a lot of suggestions and this is usually the tool I used a lot of the Times for kind of these simple campaign. So tax review free download log in a Min North Login. Amy North Scam Reddit CHEAT SHEET by Emma North PDF so you don't want to. Typically you don't. You do not want your ads show up when it searches for free. So free is a negative. Keyword right, you want you want you. You can also have a list of negative keywords. An free would be one of them, another one that you could use something like download right? Because obviously these people are not looking to buy this. Product review is a good one, but in my mind you know Google Adwords or Bing as or Google as they might have trouble showing your ad if you're going to be bidding for this keyword, because when people are typing something review, they're looking for a review. They're not looking for a landing page. If they're typing something like Bibtex Chemistry, so I could type something like Bibtex chemistry. Then you're going to see a bunch of ads, right? This is actually Google, but it's the same principle, right? You see, you see some ads when you type by, because, but if you type like free, let's see free download, you should not be seeing ads right? Because they basically these advertisers make sure to not be shown as when people type free. and I I've also included. I I've included negative keywords and I also have free download, cheap and then there is also chemistry textbook which is an entirely different product and I do not want my add to show up because this is not. You know it's not my product. You know somebody might Google for chemistry textbook at then click on the ad but there not the intended audience and then I have online chemistry textbook, applied chemistry and workbook and what you can do is you can go on Google and type something like negative keyword lists. Negative keyword list and you can. You can go here and then you're going to see a lot of about negative keyword list. You can read that here is a free negative keyword tool. Let's check out this tool real quick. And. OK, so basically it's a tool that's not we want. What we want is a list. Add words, negative keyword list. So there's 400 plus keywords you need and let's see if you really need that. Let's Scroll down. OK, so there you go. Job related. This is negative keywords. Yeah so yeah. So for different industries you have download. You know stuff like that file files, free freeware. So yeah you can go and go down this list. Look at your niche and see if it's applicable to you now of course. When this campaign is running, I will basically be seeing the type of at the type of keywords that are triggering my campaign and I can add them. I can build on them. I can, you know, create them. I can create an exact match match out of that specific keyword phrase, or I can add it to my negative list. Now these are somebody that I from my research. I realize that this could be really good list of negative keyword, so this list is not very long. An you can increase a decrease as time goes up, but you know you're not going to be probably not going to be decreasing this list obviously, but at this point this is all I have. So let's go and look at what else we have in this campaign. So I have these keywords here. Uhm, I have my ads. I have some. I have three ads that are being displayed. One ad Group One ad group AG. We have some add extensions. Let's take a look at some add extensions real quick. What do we have? So I have some call out extensions which are basically benefits that are going to be listed below the ads. So something like easy to use hands on most trusted immediate access and these are benefits that are going to be listed just below the text of the ad. In kind of this bullet form and that really helps to kind of. Separate the ad really conveyed the benefits of what you're trying to do and definitely recommend it, and the more extensions of this you can have, the nurse you know there's a lot of other extensions price extensions where you could list the price you have. Cycling extensions where you can actually have little links to a part of your page that you know. For instance, if you want buy it now, that could be a link to the buy it now portion of your page, so that could be useful as well. I'm just simply using. Call out extensions right now. That's what I have here, and that's kind of what I have here. I have my campaign and now the most important thing is that once we created this campaign in our tracker, we click on campaign links and then it gives us a bunch of links. So this is test URL. Now this is something that used for testing campaign URL is the one what you want. So you copied that you go to Bing Ads. And what you want to do is you can do it on any kind of level. You can do it on the campaign level. You can do it on an ad group level, or you can do it on a. You know even an ad level. So just to keep it simple, I am going to do it on the campaign level. So what you do is you click on your campaign on the left hand side, you click on settings you Scroll down and then there's a. There's an option for tracking template and that's where you put in the link that's provided and this link has a bunch of parameters, querystring, URL. Target ID match and that basically when they click all of that data is going to be available in your tracker like so in this case be mob. You will be able to click on the campaign and look at the words or different parameters that triggered that resulted in the click that resulted in a sale that resulted in anything, and that's be cause like I explained in one of the previous videos. When you give the initial tracking, your eldest companion route and the person clicks on Bing. It basically redirects to it's a click link from the tracker the it's a trackers link and the first time the person clicks and the tracker sets a cookie and that way it follows the person all around and then when it also has a click ID so that when it follows the person around as they're interacting with your site, they're going from, you know, the add to the landing page that the offer etc. And then when they go to ClickBank or MaxBounty you have something like a postback URL and this is something that you have, you have a postback URL here. A secure postback URL and this is something you specify either in your ClickBank settings and the back end, and you could specify that. Or if you're using MaxBounty, you can specify it on the over screen in the you know when you're choosing an offer you have on the right hand side at the bottom you can actually specify this postback URL and that's going to fire back to you if there's a conversion. So if there's a conversion you will know everything there is about this person, what keyword they clicked on. What were they searching for? Anything and everything and you will know exactly. You know where they come from or what actually, why was the why would they actually buy this product? So it's extremely extremely powerful. So now we have this campaign completely set up in our Bing Ads. Everything is set up. You can also. So I'm targeting US. You can set location bit strategy. This is very cool. Now I'm only using manual bit strategy right? I'm basically setting a bit and we're going into an auction. And depending on the auction and also something called the quality score I my ad will show up in a certain position of the page and Bing is going to tell me that as time goes on as time goes on, it's going to be able to tell me that where I am in related to other people that are bidding on this campaign. Now you can also do enhance CPC. It can adjust your bit to get more conversions. You can do, maximize conversions, maximize target CPA. You could do a target CPA, but you need conversions. Also, for enhanced CPC, which is what this is really good, this is a really good method and it's something I recommend you to use. Is something I'm using in some of the other campaigns as well, and what this does really it. Basically it adjusts your bit as you're getting convergence now for you to get this working correctly you need to set up Bing. It's like A tag one of the Bing tags or a Bing pixel on your side and that way you know when you have a conversion. You could fire back to Bing, and Bing knows about this conversion and then it can adjust so it can basically adjust its its bidding strategy so that is getting you more conversions. It's kind of. It's kind of like Facebook where you have the Facebook pixel you put on a page or you send these events for Facebook and Facebook is able to optimize for that specific event and it's the same thing with Bing in a sense of like you can optimize for a specific event depending on where it's where the event is now with ClickBank. You cannot really optimize for sale because we don't have access to the sale page. We cannot place this pixel on their checkout page or even under thank you page, but if you are in same thing for MaxBounty so you can optimize for things like Click to over page and this is something I talk about in one of my MaxBounty Facebook video. So I am going to make more videos where I talk about this kind of enhanced CPC and this is something I prefer. I will also be working with Target CPA. Because I can basically tell being that my target CP is $10, this is customer acquisition, right? Customer a customer acquisition. So if I know that you know I'm going to be making $50 every time they purchased and I need two conversions for them to purchase that you know I can afford a certain amount of customer acquisition, whereas if you know I'm going to be only making like $10 for a conversion and I need like 5 conversions, that means my. Maximum CP is only $2, right? If it's more than that and I need 5 conversions, I'm going to be losing money. Basically I need let's say my conversion ratio is 20%, which means that one out of five people sign up and my customer acquisition for each person is $2. That means I need to spend about $10.00 an average an to break. Even right? I'm spending $10 and I'm making $10.00, so I can basically put my target. CPA is $2 and Bing is going to work a work towards that. So it says your target significantly higher, so I also need Bing also needs to have at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days to use this strategy. So this is this is cause Bing is actually it's a learning right. It's kind of this machine learning that's getting data, getting data and then trying testing different things and then once it's seeing conversions, the more the better. It will understand what kind of people are converting an. It's going to figure out how to actually send you these people. OK, and I also have a. Our campaign budget. I have the name. I can also mention locations. An I'm targeting US only United States and this is kind of like Facebook as right if you see my other videos with Facebook, it's very very similar in a way were ad groups are like access an ads are like ads except you have to understand thing about the key words right? You cannot, you never want to have a broad like a completely broad. So I never you never want to have something like text chemistry broad because not only will you match chemistry text but you will also match. Keywords related to text chemistry. So if it's a broad match, it might be something text or words, or you know sentence or something like that, where Bing will actually use their own discretion to match other keywords, even keywords that you're not really specifying here. So you have to be very, very careful if you're just using broad meaning like these two words without the plus sign I'm specifying. Plus I'm telling I want to see at least text and at least chemistry in the phrase so it could be text camera through something, something else. And the reason I like doing that is be cause I don't really know what they're going to. You know, type right Bing doesn't know. Google says there's like up to 20% of searches that are happening that are brand new, so this is the same thing. I would guess with being as well 1515 to 20% of searches that the search engine has never seen before. So that is why I really like this bro. Modified, modified broad match where I can just type text chemistry and then see what else what else comes up. And same thing for promo coupon and then I have exact matches where I just want the exact matches and that's kind of my strategy and you know we have this negative keywords. OK, we have some other settings that you can specify, and this is obviously on the campaign level. All of this is on the campaign level. We can go through the ad group and then we could look at this and I only have one ad group. So if you look at all settings I only have one ad group and everything is done on the campaign level. The tracking roll everything is done on the campaign level and we could look at some ads. I have three ads I'm just testing. I recommend doing three to five ads. Configure these as and all that. And yeah, that's it. So we have some audiences as well. I believe I'm using a let's go back to our campaign and click on audiences an I believe yeah, so I can. I can modify it and so the audiences thing this is an advanced tutorial because you can use things like re marketing list custom audiences in market audiences. And I'm not even doing that right now is just a simple case study. A simple tutorial that. So I'm going to run this campaign a bit later today and I'm probably going to make another video with some new findings. And I'm going to tell you, how are things going with this campaign and if there's anything else that any other kind of changes you might make, so that's kind of that's pretty much all I have for this kind of video. I will make more videos with Google AdWords, Bing as Microsoft ads now they're called and maybe using some, maybe even testing some other offers. MaxBounty or ClickBank. And so that's kind of have that.


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