MaxBounty Alternatives: 7 Awesome Networks To Promote Offers

MaxBounty Alternatives: 7 Awesome Networks To Promote Offers

In this article, I’m going to talk about alternatives to MaxBounty: the different offers, different networks that you can promote so that you're not promoting MaxBounty offers.

Because let's face it, it's a very good idea to look beyond MaxBounty. It's a really good idea to see what else is out there, and that's for a couple of reasons. 

Number one is that you can see what kind of other offers are there that you can promote for your particular traffic source. Or your particular audience. OK, I'm going to show you the kind of offers I'm promoting myself the success I have and why I chose to promote those offers. 

The second reason is that you know you don't want to be just doing only MaxBounty. What if MaxBounty bands you would have they disable your account? What if you know there is something shady going on? 

Maybe they're shaving leads. This happens everywhere and you know you kind of want to look beyond MaxBounty. And so in this article I'm going to show you some of the networks, the offers there I'm working with. And why I chose those offers as opposed to MaxBounty. 


Alright, so the first offer that I really like and have been using for a while is Bluehost: a web hosting service and you can pretty much register a domain and can set up a site. You can set up a WordPress site and everything like that. It's one click WordPress install. 

I use word Bluehost for some of my WordPress hosting and my projects. If I want to spin up a project really really quickly I use it. 

Why is this a really cool offer? 

Well, first of all I have really good support with them. As an affiliate, I have a dedicated person there and if I have any questions or comments; if I want to ask him about the best ways of promoting, they will help me out.

It’s also easy to promote this offer. The most important thing with this offer, is that it isn’t really about promoting hosting per say. It's about promoting something that helps people to start a business. When you frame it this way, you immediately realize that there are a lot of offers in MaxBounty that are all about promoting starting a new business.

And what's the first thing that you need when you start a business?

It’s all of the “make money online” offers. These kinds of what's the first thing you need.

First, you need a website. And so in this case, I know Bluehost is the perfect fit because you know this is kind of the first stop. It's like when you're trying to get from point A to point B. 

This is the first stop. It's the first stop at the bus stop before you even get on the main highway: you need a website and so this is perfect. 

Basically let's say you're in MaxBounty and you're promoting something like BizOp, Business to Business or any other kind of you know even inside E commerce even inside you know any of these kinds of verticals. There are people that are interested in making money online and so the first thing you want to do is promote a website where they can go pay, you know something like $3-4 a month, one click and they have a website started. 

For me it's a no brainer. I promote them on some of my other niece sites and so I've been doing really really good with them and so there's a. There's a high payout that depends on how many users you send them, and so I highly recommend them.


The second type of offer that I really like and have had good success with is ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is a service that I use personally for building an email list for automation for handling any kind of broadcast emails where I send one email to everybody or automation where you know, let's say somebody buys something or they sign up.

Email is very important after you set up the website and so you want to start collecting emails. Because, as you know, affiliates have always been saying that the money is in the list and that is something you're going to learn eventually. It's very important.

Once you have a list, you’re building capital, you have something. So if MaxBounty doesn't want you as an affiliate anymore, no problem. You have a list so you can go out and promote that list. This is a very very cool thing, and so it really comes after blue horses that you know you want email marketing.

I know it doesn't sound very sexy and everything like that, but email marketing is very very important and so I use ActiveCampaign, as well as being an affiliate for them. I've been using them for like 4 years or something like that so I really like them. They work really well and they're affiliate friendly unlike some of the other networks. Another offer that you should be promoting, kind of coupled with Bluehost. You say, “you need a website.” Then, you need an email list. 

Elegant themes

The third type of offer you want to be promoting is elegant themes. Elegant themes is a company that makes premium themes.

And what is a premium theme? It lets you build a landing page. It lets you have these widgets where you can quickly build, you know any kind of blog or, you know, have like really professionally looking design a lot of pre made themes that you could. Automatically basically customized now if you're just starting A blog and you're just kind of, you know you're going to have, you know. 

Let me explain something. If you’re going to write what you had for breakfast for your parents to read or your friends to read you don’t need premium themes. But if you're going to do business, if you're going to start a business, you need to build the landing page. You need that lining based to hook into your email campaign service. You need the landing page to have a widget for accepting payments. 

All of that can mostly at least like 90% of the time can really be done with premium themes. You cannot really do with a free theme because that's why you know that's why they release premium things. They want to make money and so they have a free theme where you can just build something simple, but then once you want to take it to the next level you need premium themes. 

I use elegant themes and some of my other projects. They have a really cool affiliate program and so you can basically promote all of these three together to people that are looking to start a business. So if you're getting traffic you know, make money, online traffic bizzard traffic. Make money from home.

Bluehost has a really, really high payout for their affiliate program. ActiveCampaign pays you up to 30% of each customer's account value every month. It's recurring and then elegant themes has also a very very nice affiliate program.

Cupid Media

Alright, so now that we've covered this “make money online” niche, let's move into some of the other verticals and I'm going to explain to her I'm promoting them as well. 

The next one is Cupid media and this is international niche dating. And so I really like this particular company, and I've been doing dating for many, many years. 

Dating is a great niche. Dating will always be out there. People will always want to meet other people, especially with the Internet. You know you have people meeting up with other people from across the world. You can connect with anybody you know regardless of which country you're in. Especially with the current situation we're in right now. 

Now, I don't know if you personally do dating or not. But dating is really cool. 

And so MaxBounty has plenty of dating here, but one of the problems with MaxBounty is that there's a lot of offers that are very, shall I say, very kind of you know, very risque, right there? 

Not Cupid Media. They have simple offers that are easy to promote. Obviously there's a lot of really kind of simple offers. Regular dating offers, but there's a lot of dating offers that make crazy claims that are relatively. Difficult to promote well. Cupid media. Not only is it all niche dating. So you can promote certain niches based on preferences. If somebody likes, let's say they're interested in dating people from this country, you can promote them. Also, it's based on race, nationality. All of these things. So there's a lot of interesting niches. 

Second of all, it's all like it's normal dating. It's not like high risk. It's not like crazy claims like some of these MaxBounty you offer that you know exactly what I'm talking about. And so yeah, you know these offers have their time and place, but definitely this is a lot simpler and the same thing with Bluehost. I've been working with them for many many years now and I have a contact that I can reach out to if I have any questions. They always help me out. 

Just the other day an affiliate manager actually emailed me and said, “Hey James I noticed you've been promoting them on these sites. Have you tried promoting it this way .” Because we are in the same boat. We have the same aims and goals and so I basically changed some of my content around and my conversions went up and so they actually helped me out. 

On the other hand, chances are you're not going to have this personal attention that you're going to get with some of these other networks, so for dating I really like them. It's not CPA, they actually have to buy something, but it's really nice.

Share A Sale

The next one I want to cover is ShareASale, and it’s a place where you can promote a lot of interesting products that you're not going to find on MaxBounty. You're not going to find that ClickBank. 

From what I've seen, they are working with some of the bigger affiliates and some of the bigger companies, but they also worked with some of the smaller companies and so you have some of these bigger companies. Johnson, Johnson and Murphy. 

For instance, I just quickly checked out the offers and noticed that Grammarly has $25 activation bonus, 90 day cookie window. I've seen Grammarly ads all over the place. YouTube ads everywhere, and so they're probably making money. I actually use Grammarly myself. And so here you go. If you want to promote something that you use, there you go, but me personally, I've been using this network to promote some of the gear . 

For instance, I'm promoting a company that sells travel bags. And this is a very popular product. The kind of the travelling community right around that niche. And then you have the Peter McKinnon Kamara, 35 liter bag. If you don't know who Peter McKinnon is, he's one of the biggest photographers/videographers on YouTube. His channel is like 3 to 4 million people. So everybody knows about him. 

This was a long anticipated bag and you can go out and start promoting it. 

With ShareSale, you're basically able to promote a completely different vertical, a completely different service, and I've also had really good success with it. I’ve been directly in contact with the merchant who I'm basically promoting, so I've had really good results here. So I highly recommend it. It really opens your marketing horizon.


Next we have JVZoo. JVZoo is kind of like ClickBank for software stuff informational products. Therefore, you're going to find a lot of information products and tools. You’re going to find a lot of offers that you won’t find on Clickbank or MaxBounty. 

Let’s say you want to promote a course for growing a YouTube channel. Sure, you can go out and find the course that's going to be applicable for that audience. You will be able to do that. Or maybe you want to promote some kind of software for building backlinks right here you have a membership. The number one rated indexing service on the Internet, and so you're going to find a lot of these kind of niche software. Product snitch courses, things like that. You're only going to find them here as far as I know. And so this is a really nice place to kind of promote them here.

This is a huge selling point with JVZoo over pretty much any other network.


And last but not least, we have Offervault. It’s basically a directory of CPA marketing offers.

With CPA marketing, you can basically promote a lot of offers that you know kind of MaxBounty might have them as well, but maybe you want to basically diversify. You wanna go out? You want to try some of the other networks? Or maybe you haven't been accepted to MaxBounty. You want to try this and so you can. 

I use this site for comparison. Typically, I can find an offer on MaxBounty to check it out there and then I look at the same offer. I want to see the payout rates because sometimes my bounty may have the highest payout for a specific offer, not even like a specific vertical a specific offer, but sometimes it doesn't rise. Sometimes you're going to find a better offer, an offer vault, or some of the other networks, but I really I just wanted to talk about this particular on network here and so I just compare them, see what the difference is, see if it makes it are more interesting, more lucrative for me to promote him them here instead of on MaxBounty. Or maybe I should be promoting on MaxBounty. And so that is that is the networks on the offers.

Final thoughts

I know I've been talking a lot about MaxBounty, and I really like MaxBounty. I think they're awesome, but there are so many other opportunities that are just not in MaxBounty. 

Maybe this specific merchant couldn't get an agreement with MaxBounty. Maybe it's not a CPA marketing offer. Maybe this particular network is like, let's say Cupid media: they don't want to share their profits with MaxBounty because MaxBounty gets a cut.

Sure, if you look really hard, you're going to find something very similar in MaxBounty, but it’s never going to be as good if you’d went directly to the merchant. It just won’t be the same.

For instance, any time you’re interested in promoting making money online, you don't need to go to MaxBounty, you can just go directly and promote BlueHost, ActiveCampaign, elegant themes or for dating, you can go to Cupid media. 

Think of it as Lego pieces. You can basically replace them and work with another network or another merchant. And that’s really my objective with this article: to show you that there is a world beyond MaxBounty on how you can really take advantage of it.


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