How To Promote MaxBounty Offers With Facebook Ads

How To Promote MaxBounty Offers With Facebook Ads

In this article, we're going to do a complete tutorial where we're going to take an offer from MaxBounty. And create the landing page for it. A proper landing page and then advertise it on Facebook so that you get traffic from there and then you know these people are going to come in there going to convert on the offer and you're going to make money.

So first of all, what is MaxBounty? MaxBounty is a CPA network so it's very different from affiliate networks where you're getting a percentage of the sale here. You just need to basically have somebody sign up for something like give an email, or you know give give fill out of four, fill out our survey, something like that. They don't necessarily need to buy something, but if they do buy something you know you have those offers as well there too. 

So as you can see, you can make some good money with MaxBounty. I'm not and I'm not even really working that hard. I'm just kind of, you know, taking it easy. It's kind of a side project for me, so you can definitely make decent money. 

So the way I like to start out is what I do is I go into my. My campaign screen, so I go to my campaign screen and I like to look at some of the campaigns right and let me tell you a little bit about what's going on here. 

So here we have the campaign name. We have the CPA type and we're looking specifically for dollar per lead. We also have the CPA rate, which is how much they pay us. Then we have the EPC which stands for earnings per click and then we have the kinds of traffic they allow because you know there's different traffic sources like. Email, contextual, display, search social native mobile ads and not all campaigns allow all of these traffic sources. 

So for this purpose we're going to use Facebook ads and so we want to only want to make sure that we have this selected. We have social media selected. We don't really need the other thing selected, so maybe we can even remove you know, like all of these other ones. 

Just you know, we want to make sure the social media is selected and then we can do a CPA of CPA type I like dollars per lead because I want to get you know small amount. I want to get a little payout when somebody signs up through my traffic source and then let's see I want only demy approved offers. I want mobile optimized because a lot of traffic comes on mobile and then we do search. And now we have a lot of campaigns here and I also like to pick. Let's see all categories, all countries. So let's only pick you. As for now. OK, let's target you as traffic. 

The reason for the US is it's one of the easiest ways to get started. And it's also English speaking so you don't really need to translate your ads and offers and things like that. So we have our United States where we look at some offers I like to, you know, sometimes I like to sort this by the EPC to see which are the most kind of the highest converting offers. And I also I don't really. I don't really want to go for these big ones right? Because this is $40 per lead and they really have to sign their whole life away right? In order for you to get $40. Also a lot of these are sales right? So right now we're just looking at dollar per leads. And So what I like to do is I like this small one. 

So I remember I had one of the offers that I was looking for was home kind of home makeover. So why don't we go and find home make or so? Here is a home. In some places sweepstakes home makeover, 1 field and this is an offer that I've had decent success for back in the day. And this is an offer I can recommend to you guys and it's an offer that's working well right now. And so this is one field right? So if they only fill out their email address you will get one dollars $1.80 dollar 80 per lead and you can look at 300 actions per day. And you could look at the landing page. OK, you see this landing page right here. Uh, you can click on the default landing page, and if you are in the US you will be able to see that. OK so we can click here. We can see this. Now, the way you promote the software, we're going to promote the software on Facebook. So once we get into the Facebook ad manager, I'm going to teach you exactly how to create the right targeting and I'm going to give you the information that you will be able to use with other offers as well, because I know I'm going to teach you how to fish instead of just, you know, selling fish. So what you need to do is you need to click on build tracking link. We're going to click on social and we're going to pick the rolling, and this is the link here. You copy you copy this link. And we're going to save this link in one of our let's do a new document here. And we're going to basically. So here we have a new document. OK, so now that we have this link pasted here, we can go over to our. We could basically start building the landing page correctly and the way you promote this offers that I found is one of the best ways to promote an offer like this. Is using something called us like a quiz right? Basically I would've quiz does it basically qualifies the lead so you cannot just send delete. First of all you need to have a landing page, you know it's it's very bad practice to send these people directly to the offer. So In other words. It's very bad practice to copy this link and send them directly from Facebook. Facebook doesn't really like that, and there is a high possibility they might actually like you know, disapprove the ad and actually banned account. So right? So I don't really recommend doing this. So what I recommend is creating something called the landing page and for that I use. I use a product called thrive quiz builder. You're free to use any kind of builder you want. Ano quick finals. You can do that with quick finals, so I already have actually already built a quiz really quick. And so it it contains 3 pages really. So the first pages we have a splash page. We have three questions and we have a URL redirect. Now you can do this pretty much in any kind of there's a lot of tools that let you do that. You can. You can use drive quiz builder here, or you can use another tool if you want. So let's take a look at our splash page. OK, and this is what are splash plays. Let's let's edit the design of this load the sub and So what? This cells is win a $300 Grand Prize and I believe the offer is. $150,000 over, so let's change that. This was, I believe, for another offer, so let's go ahead and change this to 150. So now we have like a very quick landing page that we're going to send the leads, and before they can continue the need to start the quiz. So we're going to save this. We're going to go back to our thrive quiz builder. Go back to the entire quiz here, we're going to look at the questions that we have and I just have. Basically, you know some very simple questions. So the first question is how long have you owned your house? What do you want to? Why do you want to renovate your home and which sections of the house needs to be renovated? So these are very simple questions and the whole purpose is to basically qualify the lead. Basically, we don't want we can, just you know, have hey, you want automatically. No, it doesn't work like that. You first need to qualify the lead. You first need to basically ask them a couple of questions and then we're going to say OK, now you can. You can apply for a chance to win X amount of money. OK so how long have you own your house? We have less than a year. One to five years. 5 plus years. Actually, why don't we load up this quiz and I can show you how it works, how it looks. So we can go here and I actually have a page already set up, so when you create a quiz in thrive quiz builder, this could be different in the product you're doing. You're given this quiz short code and you can copy that. And. You can copy this shortcode. Basically, paste it in a landing page so we have some. Let's go and find their landing page here. So we have this landing page right here, OK? This is our landing page that we just recently added it and we can basically do start quiz and it's going to go through the motions. So how long have you owned your house less than a year? One to five years? It doesn't really matter what you know what your answers are becausr, we just want them to go and basically give us the answers and go through the motions. Why do you want to renovate your home? I want to change the style of furniture. I'm expanding the house. Which sections of the house needs to be renovated, the bedrooms and now what we're doing in this quiz also were also collecting there. Name an email so once they enter their name and email, they're going to get redirected to another page. So why don't? Why don't I just type something like whatever? And now there are actually forwarded to another page and that says congratulations, you're eligible for 300 home makeover, $300,000 home makeover. They click Click to continue and there basically forwarded forwarded to the actual page that we specified over here, which is This page right here. So you basically have the landing page and once we have it right. So this is the landing page here. Let's go back. Actually, it's right here. Home makeover. This is the landing page that we're going to use. OK, so now that we have our landing page and the actual quiz done and all that which you can do either and thrive quiz builder or you can do it and click funnels. There's there's an option on that or or another tool that you prefer. We basically go back and we go onto our ads manager. OK, so now now here is where we create the ad and this is a very important process here. I'm going to teach you how to create an ad so that you can basically create a campaign so that people. These as get displayed, people click on them and then you can monitor the effectiveness of this. So the first thing is we do we create a campaign right we click create and also just something real quick. If you don't have a Facebook add account, check out one of my other videos in the description where I'm going to teach you how to create a Facebook add account, but really, really quickly all you need to go do is you basically need a Facebook account, a personal account, and everybody pretty much has that and when you're logged in you basically go to You know, continue the steps there and you'll be able to create Facebook advertising account. OK, so now we're back into our. We're going to create a campaign and this is something called a Facebook ad manager. So let's call this a campaign, you know, like home makeover campaign. I'm going to call it something simple. We're not creating a special add category. Work buying type is auction campaign objective. So here is you want we're going to use traffic campaign objective here. You can use other objectives as well, like conversions. But because we cannot really track the conversions that are happening on the other on the other side, we need to use our traffic now. Of course you can create a conversions campaign if you're only if you have something like this word. You are your tracking them and you're collecting. Emails then yeah, you can use a conversion campaign and in order to create the conversion campaign, check out one of my other videos where I'm going to. I'm going to tell you exactly how to create a conversion campaign if you're collecting emails. If you're not collecting emails and you re directing them directly to the offer page after they completed the quiz, you cannot really have a conversion campaign because you're not you cannot. You cannot track conversions that are happening on MaxBounty, and so we go back. Let's say for the purpose of this we are going to do a traffic in pain, OK? A campaign budget optimization that's basically a way to create a a campaign with different add sets. An think of an ad set as demographics and interests of the audience. So we're going to leave this offer now because this is an advanced setting, we're going to leave this off and we're going to go back and create a bunch of ad sets OK, and I'm going to show you how. So let's create an ad set. This is the first ad set here. This is an add add 1 add set 1. Save to draft. OK, now we have. Now we have another screen here we're creating. We have the campaign name. This is our and if we we close this real quick. And we expand this a little bit we have are, you know we have the campaign here. We have the whole makeover campaign we have in that set and then add under it. So the next thing we want to do is we want to edit the ad set right and then add set is where you basically create a you have a daily budget for that asset. Let's say we're going to do a $10 daily budget now. It's very important to create to make sure the ad set starts running on the next day at 12:00 o'clock your whatever time you have set up, so I'll have Eastern Time on my AD account an actually it's really good practice if you're targeting the US. To start running the ads in the beginning of the day, the next day, because if you start running it like you know it's 5:00 PM right now, if I start running at only have 7 hours and is going to spend all my money within 7 hours and we don't want that. So next we go to the audience. We have age, gender, detailed targeting location. So we have locations we want to put United States here. OK, where do you have United States selected here next? We want to go to age. Now. I know that like you can pretty much leave this wide open if you want, but I know that home, you know, home makeover, home improvement, kind of audience. There going to be a little bit older. I don't think any 18 year old is going to do a home improvement. So let's say for the purpose of this tutorial, we're going to 25 to 65, but chances are there going to be even older than that. Gender is, we don't know. We're going to leave this wide open. Next is the important part. This is the detailed targeting and here is where you pick the kind of targeting you want. You know the kind of interests or behaviors or demographics that you want this ad to target. The kind of people and so. What we want to do? All right, So what we want to do here is you want to look at some of the interest that the people that we were targeting maybe may have as their in part of their profile. So I know for a fact there's a lot of TV shows such especially in the US, that target that are for people that are interested in home makeover. So once show is called, you could basically search for home makeover and it's called extreme home makeover home edition. Or there is also a game. So we're going to pick this interest here. OK, and as you can see our audience it gets it changes here. So now we're 3.2 million people. Now what I like to do is I basically like to have one interest per asset. That way I know exactly which which interest is responsible for the sales. If we were doing a conversion campaign, obviously you could add more interest here, but I like to have one interest per ad set. So let's go down next. We have placements. Basically. Where do you want to add to be placed? I like I'm a big fan of basically uhm, starting off with. I don't really use audience network. I don't use Messenger. I also don't do Instagram because for this campaign I think Instagram is going to be targeting a lot. Or Instagram is mostly for a younger audience. I do not think that. Other people were looking to reach are going to be an Instagram, but you can. You can definitely use this if you want. So for the purpose of this tutorial, which is going to use Facebook, we are going to remove marketplace video feeds, right column, Facebook stories and we're only going to do news feed. So once we we kind of defined, we're going to also remove instream instrument video search and once we removed everything except the Facebook newsfeed, we are left in our audience definition decrease. So now we have 1 1/2 million. People only OK, so this is really good. I like to target around a million people per at set. OK so we have a little bit over a million people. That's perfect optimization. Add delivery we're doing just the traffic campaign so we can just do landing page views. That's fine, we're not going to do any settings here. OK, so now we have one add set. Now what I like to do is. The name of the interest in this asset is extreme makeover home edition and what we're going to do here is we're going to basically use that as an ad set name. OK, so now we have it all set up. We can close the South and now we have an ad set here and what I like to do, not for the ad right what you want to do is we want to click the ad and we want to create the ad real quick. Also, selling us that you know there's an error. Obviously the link is not there. We have the link, so we go back and we basically wouldn't use that link. We use our home makeover landing page link. We click that and we start creating the AD. The ad right here. So this is our website URL. OK, and now we are going to create the actual ad. OK so destination is website. Ah, let's create now. The next thing that we need to do is a Facebook page that we already created before it's called home makeover pros. And we are going to next. We're going to create an image. OK, let's see. We're going to create an image. Add media so I already created images but real quick if you want to create images. The best tool to do that is Canva. Now in Canva I already have an image here which you basically do. This is way to create an image is you basically create a design go and pick Facebook, Facebook, ad and it's going to give you the right, the right dimensions and everything like that and all we need to do is basically put you know an image and what I did and I already had some images there basically already. Picked Ah, some images. So here is a really nice image for a kind of dumb. Homemaker, right what it's gonna look like. So we basically resize this image so that it takes over the entire ad. We put some text in there. Let's put some text real quick. And we're going to click on this. Let's let's put it here. As drag and drop, we're going to increase the size of this text. 64 also, I want to change the font real quick 'cause I don't really like this font alot. I like um. Or's Walt is a really nice found that I use a lot. Will speak that let's make it bold. Let's let's change. Let's center this. OK, we have it centered. We're going to center this. We're going to increase the size of a little bit. Now, as you can see this font, so we're going to say like you know, home makeover. You know 300,000 or was it 150,000. OK. We're going to increase the length of this. Actually, that looks pretty good. Now, as you can see, it's not. It's a black one and with the background it's not a. It's not really visible, So what you want to do is you want to go to a elements. And what you want to do is this is really good. This recent this shape that I recently used is really nice. It's kind of this kind of a brush shape and you could basically decrease the Opacity so you make it a little bit more see through something like that you go back to our text. Scrolled is down. Let's bring it up and now we bring it forward. We basically go into position an you could do forward or backward forward here and now it's more visible. It's a little bit better visible, and now we have homemaker. And now it's it's actually pretty big, so we want to make it a little bit smaller. OK, let's center it real quick. OK, that looks good. OK, so now let's let's see if we can decrease the pass city a little bit more. OK, that looks good. Let's decrease the font a little bit. OK, so now you have an ad that more or less is visible, at least on the background. Let's let's increase the pasetti. I mean, you could play with it, of course. Maybe something like this so it's nice and visible. Now I'm not like a really good graphic designer, so you can definitely play with this to get it to where you want it to be. So let's make it a little bit less. OK, so now we have an ad that more or less works and this is going to be fine, for example. What you want to do is you want to download it, download it. It's going to basically save, you know, prepare your design and then it's basically going to download it. Here we're going to save file OK. And we go back to the ads manager we create. We add media, we add image OK and we have a lot of these images here and what you want to do is. Uh, an image actually. First we're going to upload. Upload here. OK, we go to. OK, it's uploading. OK, so now that it's uploaded we picked that image and because we created the right image size it should automatically work really fine. So now here's a preview. Here's a preview of what this ad is going to look like. So now we have an ad. We have an image, we have a link to our website, we click this and I'm going to. I'm going to do something else now we're not getting any more error messages. If you have noticed were doing well. So what I want to do this real quick. This is a really good example. I want to go to this ad set and I want to click these three lines. And I want to duplicate it. OK, so we're going to duplicate it. Let's see. Actually, we're going to click here. So what I want to do is I want to pick this asset right here. I want to click on this. Actually right here duplicate it. We want to duplicate it. And where will I want to duplicate it maybe 3 times, and when I duplicate the ad set I'm going to duplicate the ads that are inside this ad set so we click duplicate. And as soon as it's finished duplicating, now that it's finished duplicating what we want to do is we want to go. Into each one of these assets. OK, so we're going to pick this ad set right here. And what we want to do is we want to change the targeting. So we're going to leave everything how it was we want to change the targeting real quick. So let's go find are targeting OK, we have extreme makeover home edition. We want to. So what we want to do is we want to click on suggestions and it's going to tell us you know interest or behaviors that are very, very similar to the previous one. So Property Brothers is a very popular show where they basically redo homes. So we're going to. Pick Property Brothers, change the ad set name here. Remove this old add set here and that's it. Now we go to the next set set. We go to detailed targeting. We do suggestions. We don't do Property Brothers since we've done that already. We click Flip or Flop television series. We highlight that we delete this old one. We go back and we rename this ad set. OK, we do the same thing for the last add set here. Uh, we go to our detailed targeting. Click suggestions so we did all of this HG TV dream home. We click on that we remove the previous ones. We click on that we go and replace this ad set. So now we have. Four at sets with the same ad. Let's let's get out. Let's see. OK, so now we have what's collapse this real quick so I can show you on the. On the main screen here. So now we have 4 add sets. OK, we have four of these assets here. Extreme makeover. So let's go to the campaigns. We picked this campaign. We go to our assets. We have four adsetts extreme makeover home edition HG TV, dream home Property Brothers Flip or Flop. Each one has a daily budget of $10.00. So your whole campaign is going to be $40 a day. Now obviously you can change it. I would recommend starting off. Maybe it depends on your budget of course, but maybe you want to have it $5 a day? That's going to be a $20 per day total spent, so you want to pick. You want to click on this pic? Edit, edit budgets right here. And we're going to click here. We're going to change it to 5 as a daily budget is going to recalculate and it's going to be total budget. This 20 was 40. OK, save to draft and now we have $5 at set per $5 budget per ad set, giving us a total of $20.00 for the entire campaign. OK, so now we're pretty much done right. We have each of this ad sets has a AD, one AD. Now of course, I recommend having something like 3 ads or even five ads. I mean three ads is nice, so you could potentially duplicate this and create a another ad with another image, another text and different variations. But this is nice to get started. And what you do is you click review on publisher not going to do that right now because I have other campaigns running. It's going to go into a review. Facebook is going to look at it. It might take anywhere from a couple an hour, 2 maybe 3, four hours or maybe longer depending on you know their workload and other factors. But but once you start it's going to start running. You're going to see it being active here campaign is going to be active. And you're going to be, basically, you know you're going to be promoting this offer. OK, you're going to be promoting the software, and you're going to. Basically, you know you'll be able to go into your dashboard, look at the clicks, look at everything what's going on, and this is how you create an ad campaign Facebook app campaign for this specific offer. Now the beauty of Facebook is that it gives you a lot of rich targeting so you can create. You can create campaigns to promote all kinds of different offers depending on the interest of the person. You can. You know all you have to do you have so many interests here. You can promote any kind of you, name it, whatever it is and it's unlike Google ads where they're typing a search term there. Basically they are just browsing Facebook and boom, there is an ad for $150,000 giveaway or $300,000 giveaway. And yeah, there are good. 

Chances are they're going to be interested because you're targeting people that are that have interests as extreme makeovers. And then once you have the ads running, you'll be able to see. You know which demographic is, uh, you know. Responding better with your ads. Is it male or female? Is it? Is it another demographic? Is it you know? Is it a certain age range? Is it something else? This is, is it a certain interest and you'll be able to narrow down exactly what's going on? I'm going to make another video on this whole process later on, but that's pretty much it. That's how you create how you take a MaxBounty campaign and create a Facebook ad campaign where you buy Facebook ads. That is going to give you $1.80 per lead for every single email opt in now remember the beauty of this campaign is that you know if you're buying these leads for less than dollar 80, then you're making money. Obviously if you know if you're spending like $2 per lead, you're losing money. But with Facebook, you should have no problems creating relatively cheap leads where you can make this an amount of money, because maybe your lease cost like something like $0.20 or $0.30 or $0.50. And you're selling them over to, you know for this campaign you're getting dollar 80. So you're going to be making like a dollar per lead and you have 100 of these per day. You're going to be making $100 per day or more or less, depending on your effort and things like that.


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