MaxBounty Offer Selection (2020)

MaxBounty Offer Selection (2020)

So you can potentially make up to $340 if you pick the right offer. 

In this video we're going to be talking about the very, very important process of picking the right offer. Picking the right offer on Max Bounty is very crucial. Because if you don't pick the right offer, you are just going to flop and lose money. And maybe even get your Facebook or Google ads account banned. So we're going to go through this process, so make sure that you pick the right offer. You don't waste a lot of money and you don't cause any problems for yourself. All right guys, thank you so much for joining me in today's presentation. We're going to learn how to evaluate the right offer. How to understand and offer stats? How do I personally pick my offers? I've been doing affiliate marketing for more than 10 years now on different networks. So I know how to pick offers. And definitely watch until the end for my special tips, OK? So when you start out right, I mean, assuming you've been approved to MaxBounty, you see a lot of offers. So an offer isn't, you know. Promoting something is not the problem. The problem is your things that you cannot control and that's your traffic source. OK, so for instance, you know I'm really good with Facebook as I'm really good with Google as I know some Bing Ads, so these are like my core competency is right. You have to ask you. So what are your core competencies? What are you really good at? So let's talk about. In this video. I want to. Let's say we're focusing on Facebook ads. So let's say you want to promote this on Facebook ads. 

And so the first thing you have to understand about Facebook ads is that Facebook ads is very high traffic source, but the problem is they don't allow a lot of things right. They don't allow Bitcoin, they don't like “make money online.” Some of them right? They don't like Bitcoin, they don't. They don't like weight-loss offers, they. They don't allow you to have before and after pictures. There's a ton, a ton of different restrictions. 'cause there are a lot more restrictive than something like Google ads or even Bing as right. So no Bitcoin. Are they allow CPA? But only if you have a landing page right? They don't allow you to link directly, so that means you know you can pretty much like you can. You can really know when it comes down to it. Oh and they don't allow dating offers. So that's a big one so you can remove a lot of dating offers and they don't really like a lot of these claims. You cannot make claims. You cannot say something like. Here's how you make $500 a day. Or here is how you make $1000 a month. You cannot make these claims. You have to back them up. Ah, same thing when it comes to weight-loss, you cannot make these claims. Quito, in all, dieting things like that. So this is something you have to. You know, you really have to watch out. So what we can do is we can enter the search campaign screen and basically start looking at offers that Facebook will allow. So that means you have to remove all of these. All of these check marks. Search incentive, social media, native mobile. OK, so right away we can. We can remove everything. So I like to pick mobile optimize. I like to have my approved offers so that it only shows that offers that I'm approved for and the other thing I really like is the dollar per lead offers. I don't really like. Percentage of sale because I want to, I want to get those quick wins and I do a search. And this thing Reloads and it's going to show me all the offers that are that fit within this filter. OK, now I can take a look. They allow Facebook traffic and then I can take a look and see if Facebook is cool with it. Now they're cool with it. Because they allow Facebook traffic, but I want to see Facebook. Will school that Facebook is cool with sweepstakes. They frown on weight loss. I would not promote weight loss on it. They opinions are OK but you have to do your own landing page. OK, so you have to ask, you know you can control the offer, but you can't control the traffic source. What does FB allow? What does Google allow right? 

Google on the other hand, is much more flexible. They allow. You know you could promote dating sites. You cannot promote adult stuff. They are a little hazy on Bitcoin and Crypto currencies and stuff like that. But you know there are a lot more open and the reason there are more open is because people are searching for this with Facebook. Somebody is basically sitting there and you know browsing their friends' feeds. And then all of a sudden they have an ad for Bitcoin or they have an ad for some weight-loss. Or, you know, an ad is telling them, hey, you are fat. You know, comon, lose weight. So This is why Facebook is a lot more restrictive. OK, so let's move on. The next thing you want to ask yourself is, do we need a landing port page or can I go direct? So that's two ways of promoting it. Remember, a landing page is when you actually know you have your traffic source and they click on the link and they go to your landing page. And this is where you tell him a little bit about the product. It's called. Sometimes it's called the pre sale page. So you basically tell him a little bit about the product and then they click OK and they go and they go to one of these offers to one of these. Let's say we are promoting you sweeps. We click on that and let's say they're going to paying us for 240 per lead an were basically sending into this landing page. So with some with some traffic sources you could send them directly to this landing page. But with many of them You need you need basically to have a landing page, and I can tell the 99% of cases. It's much better to have a landing page anyway. It's going to convert a lot better than sending them directly, so you know obviously you can get a little lazy and you know you can use Bing as their OK with it and send them directly to the landing page. Page to the offer page, but in many other cases you need to basically. Do you need to actually create a landing page? This is very important for sweepstakes. So if we go back? And we look at some sweepstakes offers. So like maybe we type sweep. OK, and now we have all these sweepstakes. Scratchcard sweep, sweep, sweep sweep. You know in these kinds of offers it's very hard to convert them directly, so you need to create a landing page anyway. 'cause you know, you can just send somebody to a sweepstake over there is going to be very poor conversion so you need to create like a quiz or something like that for these kinds of offers anyway, so do we need a live Facebook hates linking direct right? They really risk getting your account banned if you are linked directly. Facebook. Google also hates direct right, especially if you're using like. One of these trackers and you know you have to. You have to basically set up your own domain and then Google might allow it, but they really hate they don't like affiliate stuff in the 1st place, so if you can become a middleman, create a landing page and all this stuff is going to be much better this way. Bing Ads on the other hand, I've had success running direct offers on Bing Ads be cause you know there are smaller. They're not as pick it. They're not, you know they're not as selective and you know they don't ban your accounts if you are. You know outright using a tracker or something like that, so if using Bing Ads, you're going to be OK linking directly, but I can sell you in all cases. Just create a landing page. OK, so. When I'm browsing these offers right? I like sweepstakes. I have one of the other videos where I'm doing sweepstakes, so take a look at the description below where I tell you how to create the whole process of running Facebook ads. And you know, picking the sweepstakes offers and running Facebook ads. So what I like to do is, I basically do so I do. There's a couple of things that you could find a really good offer now that we covered the traffic sources and all of that is that. Let's say I'm interested in Facebook ads. I really like Facebook, so now I know that what Facebook allows on and what it doesn't allow. So, no dating, no weight-loss. None of these like no claims. And there's a lot of things right. Adult, obviously. All these things and you can read all about it on the Facebook terms and conditions page. But you know, with that in mind, we understand all that you know we have that in mind what we want to do is what I like to do. So there's a couple of ways to figure out the best offers. First of all, if you are a member of an affiliate network like Max Bounty, you're probably getting emails. I get email, joy, thing. It's like once a week or twice a week of the best converting offers from my affiliate manager, and she basically tells him OK, these are the best offers that are converting right now so I can go load up. Load up those offers Seka look and see if I want to promote them. Obviously if I want to use Facebook and they're like dating offers or something like that, I cannot promote them on Facebook. I have to promote them elsewhere and so that's the first way is basically when the affiliate manager sends you this list. Another thing you can do is basically email your affiliate manager if you are, let's say she sends you, you know the three best converting offers an their sweepstakes offers and you don't want to promote sweepstakes. You want to promote something else, so you basically tell her, hey. What are your best dating offers or what are you best best weight-loss offers? Or what are your best relationship offers or something like that and she is going to basically go out and give you 3 offers that are doing really well in that niche and you can take a look and promote those offers. Now. The beauty of this is that if she tells you these are good offers, you know she wants to help you. So if she tells you these are go offers, then chances are these are good offers. OK, it's much better to ask her or him. You know whoever your affiliate manager is. And to figure out what are the best offers and then you can take a look if you don't like him, you could you can hit hit them up on Skype or email them. I like to basically hit him up on Skype and tell him hey, you know I don't want to promote dating or I don't want to promote you know sweepstakes. I want to do something else and she's going to go ahead and send me some other ideas. You know you guys are in it together. She wants to help you. He wants to help you and it's. The Symbiosis right? You're helping each other, so it's very good for you to work with your affiliate management. The next thing you want to take a look is this column right here which is called EPC that stands earnings per click and what that essentially means is that you know on average how much you're earning in each click, so you know if the CPA rate is 140 and your earnings per click is 140, then you only need one Click to convert. So if you need one Click to convert an average, you're converting every time you send a click. Then your EPC would be 140, so in this case right this first offer right here. Scratchcard sweeps the CPA rate is 140 but the EPC is only 5 cents so if you take 140 and divided by .05 so if you do that point divided by .05 you get 28. 28 means that you basically need to send about more or less 28 clicks on average 28 clicks in order to convert. So if you ask me, this is fairly low, but remember this is an average of all the traffic. This is an average of all the traffic, so you have some affiliates that are sending crappy traffic and getting like no conversions. You know like maybe a newbie starting out or somebody else testing traffic and then you have maybe some season Super affiliates that know exactly what kind of traffic to send their getting like $1 a PC. Or you know. 50 Cent CPC. Which is really good, and so that is something you have to keep in mind. I look at it with a grain of salt. All is I don't look at it. The other thing I want to look at is so obviously I have my. You know, the other thing I want to do if I'm starting out and let's say I understand USA traffic right? I live, I, I'm from the USI understand, you know the traffic, the mentality of Americans right? I understand what converts what doesn't right? So in that case I want to pick the US. OK so I pick you as I do a search. And then I can just focus on offers that are accepting US traffic. Now a lot of offers actually only accept you as traffic. Because they're promoting something. A product or service. Or maybe a store that only exists in the US. So in that case you don't have any other option. But you know if you are starting out. If you're in American, let's say or maybe you're Canadian or Australian or New Zealand or whatever and you're just starting out, I would. I would focus on something that you're familiar with, obviously. You know, as somebody from the US. I can also focus on other tier one countries, so Canada, Australia, the UK, NZ. I can focus on those because you know, they're very similar right there. It's all English speaking. These are rich countries, so they are very, very similar. So, but obviously my priority would be USB. 'cause like I understand you, as you know, pretty well. Because you know I am from there so I understand the US traffic very well, but if I see a good offer and my affiliate manager sends me an offer and is doing really well in New Zealand and you know I can read English like I can look up maybe a product they are selling. I can look that product up real quick and I can promote that, so let's take a look at NZ real quick. Let's see if we can. Uh, so we have New Zealand here. I do a search and let's say I want to promote New Zealand so Kiwi Prizes winners Samson. So it's the same thing. You know Mazda CX5. The only thing that might differ is you know maybe that car doesn't exist in other markets. So for instance I don't think this car exists in the US, but it doesn't really matter because it’s the same model. Just different model names for different markets. The only thing is you have to watch out for is. Obviously you have to do some research because if there are some Domino's we know that that's a very popular pizza chain. But you know, maybe there was another piece of chain in New Zealand that I'm personally not aware of. So what I would do is I would look I would go to the sulfur and I, you know, maybe I don't know this. You know some Kiwi Kiwi pizza or something like that. I would basically go on Google for that figure out there about, learn a little bit about them. And then see what's up. So this particular offer submits 290 per lead and the other thing you want to look at. So this is very good advice right here and a lot of people skip this description. Well they skip it because you know they understand that they accept Facebook traffic, so they're not doing anything against the rules, but they just skip it. But you have to. You have to read it because sometimes they give you really good advice here. So for instance, in this case what do we have entered the contest to win and test the New Domino's Pizza converts on second page? Submit only NZ traffic, allow target users. 23 plus. So the first thing they tell you, they tell you a lot of interesting targeting things here, so here it's you. Know it's a very not very specific, but still if you're using Facebook ads, you know you're not going to be targeting 18 year olds. They already tell you they already tested this offer. So if I were you I would just you know, target in your Facebook ad targeting. And if you are learning Facebook as definitely check out one of my other videos about Facebook ads and makes Max Bounty. That's going to be linked in the description is that which you know? In this case you're going to be targeting. Users 23 plus but in many other instances they sell you more, they give you more information, they give you more details. So for instance they might say something like target males 50 and over. The whole support who are right of center politically, and that's very very useful information. OK, so when you're picking an offering and you know, let's say, maybe you like this offer, but they don't really give you a lot of stuff, I may go and look at some of these other offers and I might have a list of maybe 10 offers an I might go to. Let's say another offer. And say OK and read. So if they give me a lot of information. So for instance pre pop instructions converts on the second page submit. Publishers are encouraged to target users above 25 years old, so this is really good. This traffic converse best so I mean, you would be pretty crazy to target users under 25. If they tell you over 25, but if there is an offer you know. Let's say I have five offers that I want to convert. Therefore US traffic or NZ traffic or whatever. And you know one or for one of these five overs tells me like in great detail. OK, you know it works really well on males 45 plus. And who are right of center etc etc. I will probably go with that offer provided that you know my affiliate manager likes it. You know, they tell me it's converting decently and well because they give me all this targeting right? So I can go ahead and to my Facebook as an an and waste less time and money because I already know I already have a pretty good idea how the targeting is going to work. So also keep that in mind the information they give you. So we have the other thing I want to look is the single or double opt in right? So sometimes they listed on the main page. Sometimes you have to see they have CC submit. That stands for credit card submit, which is obviously not everybody is going to do that, which is why they're paying $18.00 per lead, so you know who knows you might. You might test it out, but another thing I want to look at is sometimes it says, eh. So I we sense for a single opt in, and that means that they just need to submit their information without confirming it. So if it's an email single, often they just submit their email and then you get you get credit for that you don't need for them to. Basically, you know. Confirm it and click a link and all this stuff because many people just don't confirm that's called a double opt in. So in this case there's a single, often sometimes they say something like 1 field right? So if we say let's go to all countries and I put something like 1 field. And I click search, and so there's a lot of offers where you need to only want field. So let's say this get away. It's a 280 per lead. It's AUS based offer and I click on that email submit. So all they need to do is enter their email and you get to a deeper lead. So that's a lot better than for them because you know they're paying 280 per lead an all they need to do is enter their email, their offers that paying as much as this, so sometimes less and they need to fill out an entire page. So this I would be kind of tempted. Right fly to your favorite destination with a prepaid visa gift card. So I would target travellers, frequent travelers, people who like, maybe travel, hacking, travel points are people who like traveling, you know, maybe backpackers or something like that, or you know these kinds of things. People who read websites that have to do with points, hacking, travel, hacking things like that. So I already immediately know who I'm going to target an it's only email submit. The EPC is kind of on the low side so I will you know, I might test this. Maybe spent like $5 on it. See if anybody will convert or not, but you know. That's pretty much it, but what I like about it is you know you only need to enter your email address and it's one field. It's one field, and what do they say fly to if ever this nation with a prepaid visa gift card enter your email for a chance to win all four converts and valid email submit. So obviously needs to be a valid email, but it's a, you know that's all they need to do. Any usage of the word free or promotion SMS is strictly prohibited. Because it's not free, they haven't. They haven't won anything, they are free to enter. But it's not. You know, the prepaid visa card is not necessarily freebie cause they need to. Actually, you know they're in the chance to win, so that's why you know. And the other reason they don't really want this free traffic right? Because free traffic is kind of, you know, window shopping target, you can traffic and you know not a lot of people want that kind of traffic. And believe me, I don't really like that kind of traffic either. So so I understand what they're saying. So that's one, you know. One thing with this one field is a really kind of good offer, but you know, obviously, if your affiliate manager tells you, hey. This is a much better offer and it's not a one field offer. It's like something else. I would go with that. I would always listen to my affiliate manager. I give him a chance for us to to prove themselves and then otherwise I might test. You know, give 510 bucks on and off and see what happens. Alright, so I don't want to keep this video too long I just want to give you like the basics. There's a lot of you know if you are going blindly picking an offer without even thinking about it, you're going to waste a lot of money with traffic you really have to be strategic about it. Alright guys, so just to close the software. Uh, in a lot of people they get stuck in this kind of of paralysis by analysis kind of thing and I would say like pick something and start testing because you will never learn unless you start testing. Stop overthinking, pick an offer you like and promote it. You know like the travel I already. You know, I like traveling, I already know how to target, you know the marketing piece I can target in the audience on Facebook ads evaluate results were instant repeat alright guys so you know, don't over think it. Pick something that you have a faint interest in. Maybe your affiliate manager tells you may be so one field submit. Maybe it's AUS offer in your in your from the US. You understand that well, or maybe another Tier 1 country. So any of these things that I talked about, you know if you just implement it, you should have a much higher chance of success than just blindly picking an offering going from there. And last but not least, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe. OK, I'm going to be making a lot of videos a lot of valuable information. So definitely subscribe. Like and comment if you have any questions, leave them below and thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you real soon.


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