MaxBounty Q&A

MaxBounty Q&A

Today, I'm going to be going over the kind of problems you're having and we're going to be talking about different solutions. I get asked all kinds of questions. Some questions are having to do with a specific video. Some questions are more general, more strategy, more tactics, and so even if you didn't have a specific question that I'm going to be answering this video. Definitely the answers and the kind of strategy and tactics I'm going to be talking about are going to be very, very applicable to you as well, because pretty much all of these questions are awesome questions and a lot of you are going to benefit from knowing a different take on the question. So even if you know what to do, you're going to still get value from some of the discussions we're going to have. I'm also going to have the results of the giveaway that I announced. About a week ago a lot of you have been asking about the status of the giveaway. We're actually going to do the giveaway live on the video and so you're going to see who is going to win. What are they going to win? And also I'm going to announce plans for a future give away because I want to give something back. 

There're a lot of guys or commenting are participating in the kind of community that we've built overtime and so I want to start giving back to you guys. Giving you back so that you can implement some of these tactics. The strategies that I talk about in this video and so definitely is stay tuned until the end of the video for giveaway. But still, you're going to get a ton of value in the questions that a lot of beginners, an intermediate affiliate. Marketers in CPA marketers are asking all right? So let's begin alright. So the first question is thank you very much for sharing with your help. If you could suggest to me the right thing to start, what would you suggest? How 'bout the direct link with beings? So when you're starting out OK, it really depends whether you want to go the paid traffic route or the free traffic round. OK, so if you have some money, you know it's going to be a lot easier for you to start out. Money buys time, money by traffic, money buys experience. Money is awesome, but when I started out I started out with no money. OK I basically started out with a lot of free traffic methods that I'm basically telling you about on this channel. And So what I would suggest is. If you have money, if you have a job and you can basically dedicate something like $20 a day, $10 a day for Facebook ads. Then you can start using that method OK and you can check out some of my videos. I'm going to link some videos below that you can use if you want to use the free traffic method. OK then really the best thing that you can do is you can really build out of sight and use Google's organic traffic. OK, Google is basically crawling a lot of content down there. Google is using user generated content and so it's going to basically present your search results for a specific query and you can monetize that content using affiliate marketing. Or CPA marketing. And so my suggestion is if you want to go the free traffic route, there's a lot of things that you can do, but really nothing really beats starting a side. I have a ton of size that I'm running. I have about 30 sites right now and actually my big plan for this year is starting a bunch of other sites so I have very very ambitious goals. I want to start another 30 sites by the end of the year and these are small sites. Some are a little bit bigger and they're really focusing on a small niche. That's key: you want to be focusing on the small niche. You don't want to be talking about everything. In general. You want to pick a topic and Bill, decide on that. You want to know if you want to do another topic, then you start another site. Do not create a generalized side. Do not create a blog where you were talking about what you had for breakfast. You know you want to focus. That's how Google is going to reward you, so that's kind of my advice when it comes to that. Alright, the second question is, I like your videos a lot. I'm one of your subscribers. Please help me, my account wasn’t approved for MaxBounty. I tried but they always tell and then there is a message. Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate, but at this time we are not able to accept your application. Alright, so this is actually one of the most common issues a lot of people are not approved. They're not part of the Max bound in network, so there're a couple things I want to talk about. The first thing is that anything that I talk about on this channel you can basically implement those strategies in another network. It doesn't need to be MaxBounty. In fact there is also CPA grip. There you can go on the offer vault and look up different offers. You can go and try another affiliate network and so yeah MaxBounty is big. It's a great network, it's a legit company based on Canada and all that they have a lot of offers. They have good customer support. I'm basically in contact with my affiliate manager. She's always helping me out and so Max bounces a great network, but I'm going to give you some advice if you have been rejected. And let's say you applied again. You know you have to stop applying and basically you have to start building your experience. And So what I suggest is basically go out and apply through another network or just go out and apply through some other affiliate program OK and start a website. Start a couple of websites you know, MaxBounty wants to see experience, they want to see that that you're legit, that you're not going to be ripping them off. Because remember, CPA marketing right? You're getting paid sometimes. Well most of the time without them. Even getting paid right? So you might refer to a visitor. They may sign up. They might take an action, and you're going to get paid, but that visitor might not buy anything from them, and so that way CPA marketing is a lot riskier for merchants, for advertisers than regular affiliate marketing. Because with regular affiliate marketing, all they need to do is buy something, and if they buy something, they're going to give you a card, so they don't really care if you send them fake traffic or bots or anything like that. Or you know, there's a lot of crazy stuff that's happening on the Internet. Right, what with CPA marketing. They really want to make sure that you were legit. You're going to be sending them high quality traffic, so if they reject you just move on, go to something else, try something else, build your experience, and then you can say hey guys, you know six months ago I was rejected and now, you know, I've been using this network and I've been making good money with them. So you want to be in a position of strength you don't want to be in a position of weakness when you're applying because I've been doing affiliate marketing for a long time I don't really care if MaxBounty is going to accept me or not. I just basically told him OK, I've been doing this. I've been doing that. I like these verticals. Here's my website. Here's what I do and I was like if you accept me, great. If not, I'll just go to another network you want to be applying from a position of strength and knowledge and experience, not from a position of weakness. OK, so keep that in mind. 

Alright, so the next question. Hi James, thanks for the video. Do you think it's a good idea to do paid? As for this or any other niche considering the covered situation? Thanks again. So I don't really think the whole pandemic thing is affecting affiliate marketing that much. I really think it's been overblown because I haven't really seen a big difference. I mean, yeah there is. You know people are changing their habits, they're doing certain things that they weren't doing before or they are no longer doing certain things that they were doing before. And so there's you know, people are changing their behavior, but if you're going to be promoting like a regular Evergreen niche. So “make money online” niche that's not going away. Dating is not going away. You know e-commerce products. That's not going away. OK, certain things as a result of the whole situation are doing better than before, and these are like, you know, our food delivery restaurant delivery. I made a lot of videos on these topics right? There has been a growth in that. A lot of their certain products have seen an increase of growth as a result of this situation, but that's been. Very minor. OK, so in general I don't really. I haven't seen a lot of changes when it comes to my own kind of thing. I haven't seen a lot of changes. Google recently had an update that affected some of my size, but that's separate. Google does these updates several times a year, and that's not really connected to this. So honestly, it's not a big deal. I made a couple of videos that I believe are better and really, you know you want to be focusing on things that allow people to work from home OK, and so there's a lot of this on webcams that have been doing really well. Zoom is this software for doing video conferencing has been seeing crazy growth, so there's some products that have been doing really well. Travel is not doing well so do not promote travel. Do not promote anything related to travel right? But then you know. So just keep your eyes open and honestly, it's not really a big deal as far as I'm concerned. Alright. Hello James, for this group offers do you need to create a landing page? And so this is a response to one of my Facebook videos where I talked about promoting offers on Facebook using the free traffic method. OK, so the thing about Facebook and landing pages right when you're buying traffic, you need a landing page on Facebook. OK, when you're promoting free stuff, sometimes you can get away with direct linking, but honestly, Facebook will still filter you from time to time because you know MaxBounty links. Everybody knows of these links there. Everybody can see these links a mile away, and so I honestly the only people I would really advertise MaxBounty links directly. I'm talking about directly going out there. Building a link isn't the following situations OK? I might do it to my email list. OK in email is that I built overtime. I'm linking them on my own website. OK or am I sending them to a friend? OK, that's the only thing. So what do all of these have in common? What do they have in common? Basically my email list is mine. My website is mine. OK, Facebook is not yours. OK if you're gonna go on groups or Craigslist you have to do some kind of cloaking. So what I mean by that is you need to get a custom domain. You need to maybe have a landing page and my opinion, anytime you're basically sending affiliate links on another site, my recommendation is to cloak. Get a custom domain and I talk about that in all of the videos. OK, a custom domain is a good idea. The only way I don't use the only. The only situations where I don't use custom domains is basically when I. When I owned the audience. If it's my site, I'm not going to do a custom domain. I'm going to have a direct MaxBounty link. If it's my own email list, I'm going to have a direct MaxBounty link. If I'm sending a link to a friend through Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram or as an email, I'm not going to have a custom domain I'm going to send them directly. OK, but if you're doing it on other platforms it's always a good idea too. Hide the link in one way or another through some redirects because nobody really wants to see MaxBounty links being thrown all over the place where ClickBank links or any of that right? 'cause you know it just it just looks very, very spammy. Alright, Next one, thanks for the valuable information. Can you do a video on how to get approved and MaxBounty? I tried and I have a website but it was declined so you know I talked a little bit about being approved and Max bound to have a couple of videos on that website is very important and so like I said before, you gotta come from a position of strength. That website. I mean how many articles do you have? Do you have like 30 articles or do you have two articles right? That landing page maybe you've done before. Is it like a real nice landing page is like a lot of content on there? Or is it just like you know, like one page. So it's about depth. It's not so much about whether you have a website. Website is great, but I mean I like real websites. OK, I have like real actual websites that I spent years and years of developing so I just show it to them. It has like 102 hundred pieces of content there and you know they will. They will accept me and so that's kind of the factor. If you're not accepted, just move on and build your experience somewhere else. Alright, Next One I am promoting a product in the spirituality niche ClickBank with Google ads work for me. I mean with my target audience do a Google search. What are your thoughts? Thoughts on this? So Google ads are very specific. You can only really promote stuff that you can describe using keywords and there are two kinds of keywords. Two kinds of types of keywords that really work. The first site is an informational keyword, so anything where they're talking about spirituality. So somebody. You know, I'm not too familiar with the niche, obviously, but basically you need to go out and see what people are going to be searching for related to that. So something like what is the spirituality, the spirituality, work? This is just some ideas off the top of my head. The second type of keywords are having to do with the product or service. These are called commercial keywords, so if you're promoting a specific offer and ClickBank it's called. It's called something right? So for instance, maybe it's called spirituality breakthrough. OK, I don't really know the offer. You're not telling us, and that's fine, and so if it, let's say it's called spirituality breakthrough, you can go on Google ads and make a campaign spirituality, breakthrough review, spirituality, breakthrough versus something else is spirituality breakthrough us a spam, a scam scam is better one. You can basically create a list of these keywords and you're going to get some traffic. OK, maybe you're not going to have like thousands and thousands of visitors, but you're going to have at least 100 plus visitors. And that should be good enough. And so, in my opinion, that's a good start. And then you can kind of see where that's going and you can go from there. Alright question for you. I have a blog and man fashion where I talk about men's fashion and trends. I do have long posts there like 10,000 words written by me. That's great. That's awesome. 10,000 words is a lot. My question is can I convert those posts into PDF epub and then sell into Amazon or does it have to be PLR? So actually no, it doesn't have to be PL Rs. In fact, if you have your own content, this is in response to one of the videos I made where we were basically creating these E books and selling them on Amazon. You don't have to do PLRPLR is basically for those who don't have their own content right? Pilar as a shortcut, but if you have your own content that's even better. Honestly, if you have your own blog, just go and create an ebook and then you can sell it on Amazon. You can make money from the ebook or and you can also make money from affiliate links as well. So PLR is really like a shortcut. Like if you splurge from time to time I also have my own content. Your own content is always going to do better because people ours is basically it's. Used by a lot of people right? And that is why I don't recommend you have to kind of fix it up a little bit. Modified right. Kind of the beauty of PLR is that you can change it around right? They give you that right to make it how you want to make it. But if you have their own content even better right? Even much much better. Just use your own content. Alright, next Sir, I haven't been able to work on being for a few days. I've run a lot of ads but I can't get any clicks. What can this be? So there's a couple of things you have to understand. The first reason is you're probably maybe you have keywords that just don't get a lot of searches. OK, so if you're doing commercial type keywords, these are review keyboards, product review keywords, something very specific, very very specific keywords you may not get a lot of searches now. The other reason is that you may have keywords that do get a lot of searches, but your ad doesn't have a high quality score and it's not being displayed, so your ad is basically not being displayed because. Other ads are being displayed instead of your ad, and so that's that's really kind of what it comes down to. You are going to see it on Bing dashboard. They're going to basically tell you the quality scores from like 1 to 10, so if you have like an inequality score is really dependent on how your landing page, your AD connects with the query. So the queries like How do I do a an your ad is about doing a, but your landing pages about doing B or doing C. It's not. It's not going to have a very high quality score, and that's based on their machine learning, but also based on the behavior of the people that come on the side, and so that is something you have to keep in mind and so you have to kind of judge right? And the other reason is that it just may not have a lot of searches, OK, and so that's something you have to deal with. And you know, that's something else, and so it's kind of hard to say what the real reason is, but if you are basically targeting keywords that are legit keywords that have a lot of searches. And you add the showing up. Maybe you just have a low quality score and you're just not connected, and so gang Bing will typically tell you if you have that problem or not. All right. 

Next question is, I just finished watching your Bing MaxBounty CPA video early in the video speak about keyword research with interest. Some weeks ago I listened to another you videos talking about keyword research and I spent my budget currently without any sales. So I need some guidance on what dropped this campaign or to try with some less competitive keywords. So you know you have to if you are promoting anything on Bing Ads, you know if let's say you're getting, uh, let's say you're promoting e-commerce or something like that. Because you can't really promote like sweepstakes or these low low payout offers that pay like $5 right? Because each click is going to be like $2 or something. And so let's say you're promoting something that's $30 you can. You should only spend up to $30 if you spend $30 and you are not seeing anything. No clicks, no sales. No, no events. You gotta you gotta move on. There's something really, really wrong. So if you're getting, you know, let's say you were getting clicks to the site and they're not buying anything. So you have to analyze it. If you spend, let's say they're not even there, not spending any time right because you got to track these things. It's not black and white. You have to see what the people are doing on your site. That's why you have to install things like Google Analytics. You have to. You can even install some third party tools that basically can check. What the actual visitor is actually doing on your website right? So that way you have an idea. Maybe they just click and then click back. Because they realize that this is not what they want, that there is a mismatch. Maybe they click on your landing page but they browse and then they click check out and then they see the price and they don't want to do it right? So you have to see where they stop right? You have to see what's going on. There's a lot of variables in play right? You have to see you have to kind of check the entire final and really kind of see where they stop because. I spent a lot of time really analyzing this and the problem, you know it's a lot of different things. It's many, many different things, but if you're spending thirty dollars $40 on Bing Ads in your getting, potentially you are going to be able to make 30 or $40 on the sale on the bounty, and you spent all this money. You don't have any clicks, no, no events, nothing happening. You gotta move on. There's something really, really wrong. 

Alright, next question. I've been unmatched bounding for two months now putting in the work every single day, but I'm struggling to find good free traffic sources. I tried your methods but it's not taking off. So here's the thing right? All of my methods. All I'm talking about. They work right. They work now. They're going to work differently depending on your offer. Depending on how you're promoting. Are you tracking our people clicking right? Are they clicking? Are they clicking on the links? What is where? Where is the problem right? Free traffic method is not like a new idea. It's not like a genius idea. There's a lot of free stuff like there's there's sites that make $100,000 a month from free traffic right there is. There are people that are selling Ebooks on Amazon that make like $100,000 a month from free traffic on numbers on their YouTube videos where they get free traffic. So these methods work. The number one advice is to track everything where they are stopping right? So you're getting the visitor by clicking on the link. Where what's, what's next? Are they just going to the landing page or are they going to the offer? Are they going to make the offer and use the clicks in MaxBounty? But they're not converting so you have to track everything. It's really hard to say free traffic is not. It's not something I came up with. It exists. It's all over the place. It has always been there. It will always be there. There's people making millions and millions of dollars or free traffic. Alright so keep that in mind.


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