6 Important Tips for MaxBounty In 2020 ($600/Day)

6 Important Tips for MaxBounty In 2020 ($600/Day)

In this article, we're gonna discuss the main tips that you need to know when you are just starting out your MaxBounty campaign. So if you are new to MaxBounty CPA you've gotten approved or you haven't gotten approved, you're trying to be approved and you are looking to start making money. You need to know several important things when you're evaluating offers so that you don't waste money. If you're buying traffic, you're going to probably spend money. To make money and I'm here to give you some important advice so that you don't go out and waste money so that you come in prepared. 

So the first thing that you need to do once you are approved to MaxBounty right and I have another video that tells you exactly how to get approved. So once you are approved. You're going to be on the screen right here, and the first thing that you want to do is you want to send a message to your affiliate manager and ask him or her. What are the best converting offers right now in a particular niche. Now this doesn't need to be a complicated email. Something like this works fine. Something like, Hey, Michael. What are the best converting offers? In the sweepstake snitch I'm looking to promote an offer via Facebook traffic. Thank you James, that's all you have to do. And the reason you should do this is because an affiliate manager could see the offers that are doing well and that you know you might not know right away. So you can look at an offer. For instance you could look at some offers here . Search campaigns. And you might look in off and say, Hey, this offer looks great. It has maybe an icy PC and nicely and I'm going to try to promote it, but you know, that's that's a good way to look at offers, but it's much better to just email them and tell him, hey, I want to promote sweepstakes or dating or weight-loss offers, and you can even tell on the source of traffic if they can able. They might even be able to look and check the source of traffic so that if you're using Facebook to promote sweepstakes offers, they might be able to help you and tell you the best converting offers. Uh, you know where other affiliates are using Facebook ads, so it's very, very important. I would do this. That would be one of the first things that I would do when I join a new affiliate network or when I switch and try to promote a different offer. 

OK, the next thing that you want to do is when you're looking at offers you want to start with an offer that has a relatively low payout. You don't want to start with an offer that has a high payout because chances are if it's like something like you know right here $28.00 per lead. Or $20 per lead. In order for you to get that lead to get that bounty to get that payout, the person is the user. The visitor would need to complete a lot of information, so when you’re starting out you want a lot of positive feedback. You want things to work right. You want to get the practice. You want to get the hang of it. So what I would recommend is to start out offers that are something like $3 or less. So maybe something like this. You know? Surveys and polls for Netherlands. If you want to do that. Or maybe you know here is. Get paid to try. So I stand for single opt in so they don't even need to confirm the email one day. Submit their information. So this is really good. Uh, something like you know, even $0.60 . You might even try one of these or a dollar. One of these offers that pays relatively little compared to other offers, but where you'll be able to get the hang of it and start to make money right away so that you can start optimizing your Facebook ads. Or you Bing Ads or something like that and. You're not, you know you're not going to spend a lot of money just to get that 120 dollar $80.00 lead. So I would recommend starting $3 or $4 or less and then once you get the hang of it. Once you figure out how things work, you can work your way up so that that is kind of what I recommend. 

The next thing is to look at the EPC. Right now EPC stands for earnings per click and what that essentially means is that on average. All the traffic that's, let's say we're talking about this software right here. Let's click on the software. And so this over has a 22 cent EPC and what that means is that on average every click is, you know it earns them $0.22. So if you take 520 and divided by .22 you will get the number of clicks that you need in order to in order to convert an average. Now this is a very tricky metric to look at because. This takes into account all the traffic . So you have the good traffic you have the bad traffic. And so you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt. You know you have to take it with a grain of salt, because not all you know. You might have really good traffic. Maybe you're doing Facebook traffic, or maybe you have a blog that's getting traffic from Google, so you have really really targeted traffic. And that's going to do a lot better than the PC. So this is a good metric to look at. But still, I would always email the account manager and ask for the best offers and this would be the secondary metric. That metric that I would take a look at. 

The next thing you want to look at is when you're researching offers. So if you're clicking on a search campaign. Ah, you want to click on search options here and then you want to pick offers that are mobile optimized. Because, for instance, if you were advertising on Facebook or something like that, a lot of their traffic, you're their best converting traffic a lot of times is actually on mobile and so if you're going to be sending and a lot of people are on mobile. And if you're going to be sending mobile traffic to an offer, you want to make sure it's mobile optimized so you need a good reason you know to send traffic to a page that's not mobile optimized and one of the reasons that a lot of pages are not mobile optimized is that the devs haven't got around to actually making the page mobile optimized. So it's a page that hasn't really been worked on, so it's not really. It's not going. Look good on a mobile device, so I would always recommend to click on mobile optimized and also click on my approved offers. Because a lot of offers will. I don't know, a certain percentage of offers are not going to be approved to you. A lot of it is, and maybe in the dating niche or some of these competitive niche is where the publisher wants to know that you know you're legit, so they want you. They want you to send them information. Tell them how you are going to promote their offer. All these things. So when you're starting out, you just want to start with. Approved offer so you want to click you want to go to this filter area here. Choose mobile, optimized and choose my approved offers and then click search. You also want to go ahead and pick dollars per lead. OK not percentage per lead because that's like a sale. You want the dollar per lead here.  So it’s very important so you just want to know to go for offers where you are already approved. 

OK the next thing that I want to mention is when you are doing this right. You know, first of all, you have to think about your traffic source. If you are first, the first thing is you have to understand that you know certain offers. They work much better with something like Facebook. OK, so for instance, sweepstakes where you're sending somebody to a page where they need to enter their email. You know something like this here. Or something like. Let's see what else we have, you know, research service, scratchcard sweeps these work a lot better with Facebook. Because you know it's somebody who is. Basically you know people on Facebook. They are basically bored. They're looking through their news feeds. They're just, you know, looking with their friends, or you know, acquaintances are up to and then they see this offer and they're like, yeah, I'll take, take a minute and enter my email. And so these work a lot better with Facebook traffic. Other offers were in Oh, it's a brand. It is specific, something very specific. Service always works better with Facebook traffic, but something that's more specific. Maybe it's a key to . It's a keto diet. Facebook is not a big fan of a weight-loss snitch. I mean, they approve it, but it's a very risky niche to run on Facebook, and so you are much better off going to Google and buying keywords. Something like AdWords or Bing Ads. And I'm going to have a video very soon on creating Bing campaigns or or Google ad campaigns in order to target these kinds of offers. Using something like McAfee antivirus is much better. You can use it with Google. You can use it with Bing, but on the other hand free, go free forms. I don't even know what that is. Let's see, get paid to try. This is going to work much better on Facebook, so you have to understand that if you are going to be. Using Facebook, you have to also make sure that they allow Facebook traffic so as you can see, there's a. There's a column right here. Traffic column an F stands for social traffic and that's obviously Facebook, Twitter, any of these social networks Pinterest. But some of these offers don't have. So like go freeforms doesn't doesn't allow Facebook traffic. So you know if you send Facebook traffic to these offers, you're at risk of your leads not being counted, or maybe even having your account. Uh, disabled, you know, at the worst case scenario, so you have to make sure of two things. Number one is. You have to understand the kind of traffic you're sending too, and you know if you're going to work with Facebook, what are the offers that work best with Facebook? If you're going to use Google ads, what are the offers that work best with Google? As if you're going to use Bing Ads, what are the best offers that work with Bing Ads? And so you know, once you email your affiliate manager, they're going to tell you what the best offers is and you're going to make it. You know you're going to make a judgment on. Or maybe they will even tell you, hey, this is working really good with you know, Pinterest traffic or maybe Facebook traffic, because when you create a link, you basically have to specify what kind of traffic. You're going to send so that they are tracking also the kind of traffic, the conversion rates and things like that. Last but not least, you don't want to spend too much right, so if you email your affiliate manager and they tell you OK, scratchcard sweeps is working really good, you click that on that offer. You take a look. It's available in the US, so you target the US. You have $40 per lead. It's mobile optimized. It's a new offer so there's no EPC just yet and you decide to promote the software you have to read the description, search restrictions, all of that. And you could start promoting it, but I would not. Let's say you spent like $20.00 an you have no leads. I would just cut her off. , I would. I would probably not even spend like more than $10 on the software if I spent $10.00 an I don't have one. At least one conversion that's really bad. Usually the rule is 3 times CPA, so this conversion is 140. You multiply by three, so what's 140 * 3 one 40 * 3 is 420, so if you spend 420. $4.20 and you have no lead. I would just cut off that campaign and try something else you don't want to spend like 2030 bucks or $50 or something and not have any leads at all. Typically you want 3X EPA, sometimes even 2X CPA, so you might even say something like I'm going to spend $2.80 if I don't have a conversion. I'm just going to cut off the campaign, but remember, if you were using Facebook ads an I have a video about that, you should take a look and you were using something like conversion Facebook as conversion Facebook ads needs. A couple of days to work properly, so if you were doing something like you know $2 per day, you know you might need to spend $4. It needs at least a couple of days two to three days to optimize depending on a host of factors, so I would not even spend more than $5 on this. $5 would be the absolute maximum, so I see this all the time. People are spending twenty $30 and they have no lead and they don't know what to do and they just waste all this money. So when you starting out don't spend a lot of money. 

So, just to recap real quick. You want to email your affiliate manager and ask for the offers number one #2 is you want to pick the offers with the low payout. I recommend under $4, so 3 something should be like the ceiling because that will give you enough practice and you know it's easy for the user to fill out that. So for instance, for this software dollar 40 they have to fill out a relatively you know a decent form. It's not just an email, but you can also find offers around $2 per lead. Even $50 per lead. All they need to submit is their email and these are really really good converting offers. This way you have to when you're searching for offers, check that you're always approved that it's working, that you know it's mobile optimized that you know it's legit and they actually developed a nice page that's going to work. Check the EPC so EPC is like my secondary metric. I look at it and I just kind of study it. I don't really give it much thought because it's an average of all the traffic. Some traffic is going to be good, some traffic is going to be. Bad so keep that in mind is just an average. So if you have really good traffic, you're going to do much better than somebody who is sending crappy traffic. Um, make sure the traffic source is going to work with the offer. Understand that some traffic sources like Facebook ads works much better with you know, maybe sweepstake offers or you know these kinds of offers whereas Google ads and Bing work really well with somebody who's actively searching, they have an intent, whereas whereas Facebook there's somebody that just hanging out and just. Killing boredom so you know you have to keep that in mind. And last but not least, don't spend too much money before you know you know. Stopping your campaign an going and doing something else. I recommend three times CPA so this would be around $4.20 under this dollar 40 offer. I would recommend staying under $5. You spent $5. You don't have a single conversion. I would just move on and try something else. Or you know, tweak something, or maybe try another offer, because it's just. You know you're just wasting money at that point. Alright guys, so I hope you found this video very, very helpful. I don't want you to go out and like waste money trying to learn this thing. I mean, you still have to waste a little bit of money when you're when you're trying to learn something new. That's fine, but I wanna make sure your learning curve is as best as it can be so that you can learn very very quickly and not waste a lot of money.


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